10 Things 10.31 – Jess Keys

10 Things 10.31

Happy Monday! We’re back with 10 things! So, the first 10 random stream of consciousness things as they come to mind today–ready–go!

10 Things 10.31

1. We’re going trick or treating with friends tonight!

(Our first time trick or treating, obviously June was too young last year!) Not sure if the rain will hold off or how long we will last. June has both a bat and a bunny costume–here’s a photo of her bat costume above. 🥰 We may change into the bunny later–we shall see!

2. A sweet friend dropped off two candles from this local Chicago candle company (she’s on Etsy!) as a gift–the “Midwest” (like a pumpkin-y vanilla scent) and “Provence” (amber + lavender) and they smell AMAZING.

They’re nontoxic made of coconut wax and $30 each. I love them. Thank you, Deb! Also, you should follow Deb’s home Instagram account–it’s SO beautiful!

3. On being a parent and travel:

I have traveled quite a bit without June since becoming a mom and was reminded of one of the best parts of being a parent returning home from Lisbon: you’re never sad to come home from vacation anymore. As someone who would always get sad at the tail-end of a trip because it was almost over, it’s really nice to be equally as excited to come home to see your baby as you were to go on vacation in the first place!

4. Speaking of, I know I just got home but the impending drizzly weather has me itching to plan a trip to Florida.

We typically always go to Ft. Lauderdale and hoping to sneak down there at least once before our trip in the spring. We’re planning to do the same thing we did last year in renting a friends condo for the month of March (splitting time with Neal’s parents—so we’d take two weeks and they’ll take two weeks or something along those lines). Fingers crossed we can get there in December or January though. (FYI, the Hilton right on the beach is very family friendly, we’ve stayed there a couple times!)

5. One of my favorite meals in Lisbon was this Greek restaurant that has me craving Greek food, so Greek chicken bowls have been in the rotation a lot lately!

June loves them too! (Well, minus the salad part. I can’t say she’s big on salad.)

6. Speaking of Mediterranean food, I went to Lyra for dinner a few weeks ago with girlfriends and it was so good.

Highly highly recommend if you’re looking for a great spot in the west loop. Its very lively and fun atmosphere and I think it would be great for a date. There’s a wine and piano bar down the street called Grapes & Grains that would be great for a nightcap!

7. Speaking of great restaurants, I’m dying to get back to Armitage Alehouse.

Neal hasn’t been yet (I’ve only been once) but it is SO cool—the decor is like a beautiful old English pub with elevated Indian fusion food. 

8. Did you see Blondo came out with the Sierra boot in a gorgeous dark chocolate brown? 👀

Chocolate brown waterproof suede super comfy tall boots YES PLEASE. (I find them TTS. Truly the greatest boots!) Also, I just realized Tuckernuck carries the Velma (very similar version, I have owned both over the years) in chestnut tan!

9. My project for this week:

I ordered a bunch of vintage South Shore Line posters for our hallway, and I need to get them hung! The South Shore Line is the train that runs from Chicago to Northwest Indiana (including Beverly Shores, where Neal’s family’s lake house is!) and they created a bunch of posters to promote tourism back in the 1920’s. There are a lot of really cool ones and I thought it would be a good use of the very blank space in our long narrow hallway! (Finally getting art on the walls, you know, 6 years later.)

10. Old Navy came out with new “Built in Warm” jeans!!!

And they’re 30% off right now! I LIVE in these jeans during the coldest winter months–they’re lined with a lightweight fleecy material and are so much warmer than regular pants, but they don’t make you overheat inside! I have two of their Rockstar skinny styles (which are great for tall boots) but I just ordered a couple of their straight leg styles to test out, too.

Hope you have a very happy Halloween!! xoxo

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