Woman hoping for ‘sexy’ weekend away with her man suffers massive fake tan blunder then begs for help to fix it

FAKE tan, you either love it or hate it. But regardless of where you sit on the bronzed beauty scale, no one likes a patchy tan disaster.

Unfortunately, one woman experienced this very thing right before a “sexy” weekend away with her husband, and she was desperate for advice to fix it.

The woman messed up her fake tan application right before a weekend away with her man


The woman messed up her fake tan application right before a weekend away with her manCredit: Facebook

She was horrified when her ultra-dark self-tanner left her with very obvious patches all over one hand.

She was just about to head off on a weekend spa trip too, admitting she had “messed up royally”.

She posted in an Australian beauty Facebook group hoping to get some help as she showed the extent of her tanning blunder.

“SOS. Oh my god, woke up like this. I managed to mess this up royally,” she wrote in the caption.

Does anyone know any tricks to fix this? I got a weekend away with my hubby in a jacuzzi suite and this is not sexy at all.

Anonymous poster

She admitted that she’s been using fake tan “for years” so was shocked to see she’d got it so wrong.

“Does anyone know any tricks to fix this?” she asked. And added: “I got a weekend away with my hubby in a jacuzzi suite and this is not sexy at all.”

Luckily, the brown patchy mess was only on one hand but she begged group members to “help a sister out.”

Avid tanners and beauty fans alike were sympathetic towards the cause, admitting they’d all experienced a self-tan blunder or two themselves.

She asked other beauty fans for advice


She asked other beauty fans for adviceCredit: Getty

“What tanner is that? At least it’s a great colour lol,” one woman joked.

While others shared some tips for a more natural finish in future.

Offering a quick fix, one woman wrote: “Quarter cup of lemon juice, half a cup of salt and an exfoliator sponge, then scrub scrub scrub,’ one woman wrote.

A second suggested substituting sugar for salt and using coconut oil instead of lemon juice for a more gentle solution on skin.

‘Shower, scrub and repeat,’ said a third.

And perhaps her spa weekend is just what she needs as one said the “hot tub will strip the tan anyway.”

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