Tom Brady Is Launching His Own Men’s Fashion Line

Besides being a living football legend, Tom Brady is famous for his style risks off the field. It’s only expected when you’re the partner of international supermodel Gisele Bündchen for 15 fashion-forward years. Now, the seven-time Super Bowl winner is launching his own fashion line to help other men get the look. And the upcoming line is called, well, Brady.

According to WWD, the pro athlete is partnering with co-founder Jens Grede and designer Dao-Yi Chow to develop the line. According to a release, the line has been in development for three years, with the brand using “advanced fabrications and more sustainable practices to create an intelligently designed and highly engineered collection for optimal performance on and off the field.”

From the sounds of it, the brand will venture into both the activewear and casual wear space, with the projected launch featuring two collections named “Train” and “Live.” The line will exclusively be available on the Brady website.

On Sept. 28, Tom Brady announced the brand on Instagram by posting the simple Brady logo with the caption, “Run the game, don’t let the game run you. BRADY—my next-generation apparel brand is coming soon.”

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Tom Brady has long been dipping his toes into the fashion industry, modeling for several UGG campaigns and luxury watch brand IWC Schaffhausen. He’s also released a fashion collaboration with Under Armour and an eyewear collaboration with Cloos.

The collection is set to launch this December. In the meantime, you can shop the NFL star’s past fashion collaborations below.

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