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Meghan Markle’s Top Christian Dior Haute Couture Fashion Moments So Far

Meghan Markle is known for her refined fashion sense, which she proudly puts together herself without the help of a stylist.

Since marrying into the British royal family in 2018, Meghan has moved away from the convention of dressing nearly exclusively in British designers, instead patronizing some of the biggest names in Parisian haute couture.

Haute couture is a fiercely guarded term that a designer can only claim to use if they meet a series of strict guidelines laid out by the French governing body, the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. These guidelines state that only bespoke clothing made in Paris by fashion houses who employ a dedicated atelier of at least 15 staff members can apply for haute couture status.

Meghan’s first public haute couture item of clothing was the Ralph and Russo dress worn for her official engagement portraits. The former actress then chose

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Sunday Best: Seattle’s only style editor on mirror selfies and summer

Seattle Achieved fashion editor Zoe Sayler hates owning her photo taken, but she loves having her image. Mirror selfies — a millennial diary slipping out of design and style as large-res phone cameras proliferate — present “the means to hone, or get a real grasp, on how you want the world to see you,” Sayler suggests. “And that is all, I imagine, that design and style is.”

Sayler could be the only Seattle journalist with the title “style editor,” a work that invokes New York catwalks. (Sayler earlier interned for The Seattle Times, wherever we became good friends.) 

“Seattle design,” on the other hand, evokes Blundstone boots, Patagonia jackets and Carhartt beanies — not specifically higher trend. At any time Sayler tells someone what her work is, she feels the load to disprove that.

“I want to represent both equally the journal and the

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Where Interior Design Meets Fashion

Interior design as a business and a creative practice is experiencing a renaissance not seen since probably the Renaissance when people dramatically re-evaluated their ideas of public vs. private urban spaces as well as divergent functional needs for the places of dwelling, labor, and leisure. The COVID-19 global lockdowns upended centuries of “common sense” about organizing shared spaces around day-to-day activities. A home turned into everything: office, gym, quiet study and loud entertainment center, industrial-grade food storage facility, childcare program, and a place of worship. It became clear the New Normal was overdue for a major redesign. The once-niche market is projected to grow at an impressive 8% compound annual growth rate to reach $255 billion annual valuation within five years. The next generation of in-demand interior designers and architects will be informed by the post-pandemic vision of co-working and co-living, in style.

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Y2K personal style makes a comeback in jewellery

First arrived Ugg boots. Then lurid shades of pink, very low-slung denim, obvious thong details and acres of bare midriff. In November, the pop star Britney Spears — just one of the essential proponents of the knowingly trashy aesthetic that dominated the early 2000s — was released from a 13-yr conservatorship. Instantly, the burgeoning nostalgia for Y2K-period manner exploded. And with it arrived jewellery updates: septum, eyebrow and navel piercings are back again.

Standard readers of the catwalk runes will have experienced an inkling. Just as the spring collections of Blumarine and Miu Miu have been devoted to revitalising an early 2000s flavor for cropped, mink-trimmed cardigans and cargo trousers, so as well ended up styles showing a surprising fidelity to the piercing tendencies of that decade.

1st up: nose adornments, which graced the runways courtesy of Chanel common Mona Tougaard, who has been donning a septum ring reminiscent of

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