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Shop The Second Wales Bonner Adidas Collection That Arrives Today

The much-anticipated return of the Wales Bonner and Adidas Originals partnership is here.

After the first collaboration, released last fall, all but sold out, many have their sights set on scooping something up from this next collection. Entitled “Essence,” the second collaboration was first teased at Paris men’s fashion week in September 2020—when Adidas pieces were seamlessly interwoven into the Wales Bonner’s spring 2021 collection.

On joining forces with Adidas, designer Grace Wales Bonner explains that the uncertainty brought on by the global health crisis allowed her time for “reflection and working on what feels most essential for the business,” she says. “Designing this collection has been about refining, to the purest elements, the Wales Bonner world and wardrobe.”

Known for her thoughtful approach and craftsmanship, Bonner has consistently illustrated how fashion can communicate complex ideas. “An essential point to my practice is research. I see that as the foundation

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Designers are betting or men’s skirts as emerging fashion trend: ‘Very liberating’

Bro, that skirt is so chic!

Skirts are emerging as a new trend in menswear fashion, as designers reflect the new realities of a year under COVID rules in their new collections.

According to The Guardian’s deputy fashion editor Priya Elan, the surprising new trend reflects how pandemic life has “unshackled men from their dress codes.”

Designers such as Stefan Cooke, Ludovic de Saint Sernin, and Burberry have all included skirts or dresses in their upcoming fall/winter collections.

According to Women Wear’s Daily, Cooke’s Men’s Fall 2021 collection imagines a “world of men’s wear with discipline, intensity and commitment in dressing up to the nines.”

Cooke and his partner Jake Burt went through different phases when dealing with the new COVID-19 reality — which was reflected in their designs. While their spring collection reflected the easiness of work-from-home days, the label is now looking beyond the pandemic, and focusing

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Stefan Cooke Men’s Fall 2021

Capes are the new T-shirts and short skirts are in this coming fall, declared Stefan Cooke over a Zoom call for his new collection preview.

Tuesday marks a full year since the U.K. first entered lockdown due to the pandemic. Like many others, Cooke and his partner Jake Burt have gone through phases in dealing with this life shift. These changes have had a direct impact on the design as well.

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Cooke offered a cozy and relaxed spring collection that mirrored the WFH reality, but for fall the duo looks beyond COVID-19, and imagines a world of menswear with discipline, intensity and commitment to dressing up to the nines.

“This season we really wanted to commit to the silhouette. We are a brand that does textile developments and all that kind of thing, but this time we really wanted to show everyone just how clean we can

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Kitty Pryde’s Hellfire Gala Costume Is Packed With History

Kate Pryde’s costume for the X-Men’s upcoming Hellfire Gala, designed by Russell Dauterman, is packed with nods to her superhero life.

This summer, the X-Men’s world is set to change at the “Hellfire Gala.” Not much is known about the event itself, but it’s billed as the next big chapter of the Dawn of X era, and the various X-Men titles have been hinting at it and building towards it for some time.. Ahead of the gala’s debut, Marvel has released a series of variant covers showcasing the high-fashion costumes that the mutants will sport during the event. The outfits, which were designed by superstar artist Russell Dauterman, show the evening wear characters such as Cyclops, Storm and Emma Frost will wear during the Hellfire Gala.

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Each of these costumes is new

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