Fashion Greats at Home: Vera Wang on “Discovering Little Moments of Joy,” Including Her Favorite “Tiny Orange Snacks”

Like most creative industries, the fashion industry has taken a huge hit during the coronavirus pandemic—and some of the biggest names in fashion are no exception. With a new year beginning and the end of the pandemic in sight, Vanity Fair is catching up with 12 fashion greats, as they recommend their go-to items for quarantine, and their hopes for the year to come.

“The pandemic has led me to reassess every single part of my life…. and perhaps forced me to prioritize my choices in a way like never before,” Vera Wang told Vanity Fair. A New York native, Wang prides herself on understanding women who have a love for fashion. Since opening her first store in 1990 Wang has revolutionized the way women dress, from reimagining the world of bridal to moving into ready-to-wear, accessories, home, and beauty.

Spending so much time at home in

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First Aid Beauty’s Weightless Liquid Mineral SPF 30 Is One of My Favorite Sunscreens That Launched in 2020

I definitely didn’t need to make another sunscreen purchase this year, but after hearing YouTube star Hyram rave about First Aid Beauty’s Weightless Liquid Mineral SPF 30 in his “The Best Sunscreens of 2020!” video from late last month, I simply couldn’t help myself. I was a woman influenced, and I had to have it. And well, your girl has zero regrets, because, in the span of just two weeks, it’s become one of my favorite SPFs ever. (That’s right, I said it.)

I’m not sure what aspect of this mineral SPF I adore most: the barely-there tint that diffuses redness and discoloration, or the fact that it literally looks and feels like nothing on the skin. Because it’s so weightless, I can apply multiple layers, and get even better protection, without it ever feeling heavy or like it’s clogging the hell out of my pores. Speaking of which: It

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7 Clever Substitutes for Your Favorite Beauty Products

It’s been several months since we’ve been social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and chances are, you’ve run out of your everyday beauty products and had to make a trip to the drugstore once or twice. Even if you’re taking a break from your regularly scheduled full-face looks, you might still be playing with makeup for a Zoom meeting, a Bumble video date, or just for fun.

But what if you run out of your favorite mascara or eyebrow gel and you don’t feel like battling anti-maskers at Walmart if you live in a state seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases? Maybe you completely spaced on ordering body wash. You can search online wait for your stuff to be delivered, or just sub them out and use other beauty products you might have lying around.

We chatted with cosmetic chemists, hairstylists, makeup artists, and trichologists

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