Woman shares amazing make-up hack which makes you look like the ‘catfish filters’ effortlessly

WE all know what it’s like to take a selfie with a filter on and think: ‘I wish I looked this good in real life.’

Fortunately, a woman has revealed her ultimate trick to make that wish a reality, as she’s shared a super easy way to make your face match your favourite filter.

Chloe does her make-up while she has a filter on


Chloe does her make-up while she has a filter onCredit: TikTok/@chloetayloruk

Tiktok user Chloe Taylor shared her genius method with her followers, and viewers are saying she’s a “genius”.

Chloe said the technique is a “make-up hack for anyone that sucks at make-up as much as I do”.

She explained: “Put a filter on that you like, and then do your make-up where the different parts of the make-up are on the filter.”

Chloe then shows what she looked like with the filter on, and what she looked like after the filter was turned off.

And when she takes the filter off, her make-up looks like the filter itself


And when she takes the filter off, her make-up looks like the filter itselfCredit: TikTok/@chloetayloruk

The filter essentially acts as a virtual stencil, showing you where to put make-up on in order to enhance your features.

Simply apply your make-up while you have the filter on your face, and when you take away the filter, you’ve got the same effect. 

The clip has racked up a whopping 1.8 million views, and commenters are obsessed with the idea. 

Some said they couldn’t wait to try the technique.

“Omg. How did I not think of this before”, wrote one viewer, while another said: “YOU ARE A GENIUS.”

Commenters couldn't believe how effective the hack was


Commenters couldn’t believe how effective the hack wasCredit: TikTok/@chloetayloruk

“Ooooooo that’s a good idea”, a third commenter agreed. 

One viewer added: “I think you just started a trend girl.”

Some said they’d already tried the technique and loved it.

“That’s how I perfected my nose contour”, one make-up fan wrote, and another added: “I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO DID THIS!”

“I’ve been doing this for so long, it’s a life saver”, another viewer wrote. 

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