What to Expect at Milan Men’s Week: Versace, Moschino Return, and JW Anderson Debuts

The decision to ring-fence June 21 as a digital only-day—one especially notable participant here is Charles Jeffrey Loverboy—is, Capasa added, “about optimizing everyone’s time. We discovered that mixing digital presentations around physical shows didn’t work: one would always distract from the other. And to keep Tuesday digital—where you can attend from anywhere—allows people to travel to Paris for the first shows there that night.”

Prada spring 2022 menswear

As for what hosting JW Anderson in Milan—even if fleetingly—as well as the other new international incomers says about the city’s broadening allure, he commented: “Here it is always busy for fashion. There are around 800 showrooms representing 3,000 brands, selling for seven months in the year, so this is a great place to be as a brand for distribution. And I think the fashion week is becoming more appealing internationally as a moment that combines established brands with a lot of power alongside a new generation that is given a platform.”

Two years ago, many players in fashion—gripped by Covid-induced existential panic just like everyone else—made proclamations that, were we to return to ‘normality,’ the industry should change its ways in order to become less ecologically unsustainable. Now that the shows are back on the road, Capasa had this frank take: “Many things came back that were there before. We were saying ‘we need to do less collections, less this, less that’—and in truth not many of these things have happened. This is because the system has been proven to work. However I have seen a deeper change towards sustainability and the rejection of waste through creating very limited collections to maximize efficiency, and the use of upcycling. So while apparently not much has changed some things have, and in a very deep way.”