What Blusher Should You Wear with Red Lipstick?

What Blusher Should You Wear with Red Lipstick?

The global beauty industry is projected to reach a value of $863 billion by 2024. While a person’s bare face is already beautiful, wouldn’t it be nice to enhance these features? Makeup does more than amplify a person’s beauty.

More than anything else, it boosts our confidence, helps us build new relationships, build up career opportunities, and keeps our skin protected.

One of the cosmetics that people go crazy about is red lipsticks. Indeed, there is really power in wearing a good red lipstick. It’s a classic that embodies strength and elegance.

Indeed, it has become a staple in every person’s purse. You can never go wrong with classic red lipstick. Whether it’s for a job interview, a date night, a party, or when you go to work in an office.

Putting makeup on is also a work of art and your face is your canvas. It’s a mix and match from your choice of primer, concealer, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, blush, and lipstick.

If you’re thinking of getting that red lipstick classic look, you must match it with the right color combinations to put on your face. In any skin complexion, red lipstick can never go wrong as it complements any skin and eye color.

Know your red shades of lipstick?

When you wear red, it always appears striking and bold. Certainly, red lipstick never goes out of style. Before we proceed further, we must know that there are various shades of red lipstick. Some have blue, purple, orange, brown, and yellow undertones.

Most people are under the assumption that red lipsticks will only look good on people with light-colored skin, but that’s actually not the case. Red lipstick will still look fine whether you have a light or dark skin color.

For those with darker skin, red lipstick with orange and yellow undertones will look great while those with lighter complexions can go for blue and purple undertones. Also, note that the lipsticks with blue undertones can make your teeth look whiter than they are.

If you choose the right lipstick undertone, you won’t need those fancy toothpaste to make your teeth look whiter.. Any yellow stains won’t be noticeable when you choose the perfect lipstick.

How to know your undertone?

When you’re about to go shopping for new makeup, it’s important to know your undertone so that you won’t be wasting money on buying the wrong color or shade that won’t suit your skin.

You might notice that some colors just don’t look right when you put them on. This is because choosing the correct makeup color has a lot to do with your skin color and your undertone.

There are three different skin undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. How to tell what undertone you have? Check the color of your veins. If you have green veins, it means you have a warm undertone.

While those with bluish or purplish veins usually have a cool undertone whereas those people whose veins appear colorless have a neutral undertone. Usually, those people that have neutral undertones won’t have any trouble picking up the perfect color and shade for their skin as all colors will suit them best.

Knowing your undertone will make it easy for you when you try to find the best color and shade to suit you best.

Another technique to identify your skin color is with the aid of white cloth. Get a pure white piece of clothing or a piece of white paper. Under a bright, natural light, hold the white piece of cloth or the white paper up to your face.

If your skin looks pink, you’re cool-toned. If your face looks more yellow, you’re likely to have a warm undertone.

Your undertones can best determine what looks best on your skin color, but at the end of the day, your preference will still matter. No matter what,  you can still wear the color that makes you feel happy and confident.

What blusher to wear with red lipstick?

A red lip is indeed the epitome of timeless beauty. Perhaps, one of the best hues, when you’re making a bold statement, is wearing red lipstick. Of course, you also want to find the perfect blusher to complement that alluring red lipstick.

Surprisingly, red lipstick is versatile and matches easily with several shades of blush. Just remember that when your red lipstick is the focal point of your makeup, choose a subtle blush that won’t overpower your red lips.

Light pink blush

Pink blush and red lipstick are one of the best combinations that you can choose. As mentioned earlier, if you want your red lips to become the focal point, choose a light pink blush as it’s subtle and is not overpowering.

Rose blush

A rose-colored blush complements a red lipstick, most especially if you have olive-toned skin. Even though it’s a little deeper than pink, it gives a natural look for those with olive-toned skin.


When you have darker skin, a peach blush will surely look good on you. Peach has definite orange undertones which means that you could easily pair it up with a red lipstick that has orange or yellow undertones. Peach blushes come in different shades that you can choose from. They can come in either light or dark varieties which will still fit it with your red lipstick.


Are you looking for something natural? Achieve that natural look that highlights your red lips by using a bronze blush. It looks very natural and subtle when you pair it with red lipstick and as a result, will highlight your red lips. Just like peach, there are also various shades of bronze that you can choose from (from light to dark), depending on your skin tone.

Among these choices, you’re probably now torn on what color of blush to choose when wearing red lipstick. The best answer to this is to test what color is the most subtle when you apply it to your skin. Of course, you don’t need to buy all these colors and shades.

Take advantage of testing the samples in stores so that you won’t have to waste money buying the wrong color and shade. Using the right lipstick can easily transform your look into something great.

When choosing any kind of makeup, it is important to always consider your skin type before your visual preferences. Some people have sensitive skin and would need hypoallergenic lipsticks that will not cause allergy or skin irritation.

As an added caution, always check the ingredients of the makeup. It is scary when you get your face all red and inflamed when you apply makeup that’s not suitable for your skin type.

Because hypoallergenic lipsticks should be free of harmful chemicals like silicone, PEG, petrolatum, phthalate, synthetic fragrance, formaldehyde, and paraffin, finding hypoallergenic lipstick or any makeup could be a real challenge.

Also, most of the time, these types of lipsticks won’t last that long when you wear them. As a rule of thumb, always consider your skin type first before it could lead to a serious allergic reaction.

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