The New Wave of Eczema Products and Old Standbys We Still Love


A little over 10 percent of the U.S. population has a form of eczema, leaving over 31.5 million Americans suffering from the symptoms. While eczema products have come a long way, experts say there’s still room for improvement. This year has seen a handful of new eczema product launches that are moving the needle on the category altogether.

New: Murad

Dermatologist Howard Murad, MD, of Murad fame, sought to give eczema products a bit more elegance than they’re generally afforded while taking a dermatologist and pharmaceutical approach that’s only seen in prescriptions. What sets these products apart is not only their efficacy, but also the sensorial experience they provide.

“Our Eczema Control line wasn’t just created as highly effective eczema care—it’s luxurious skin care that anyone with sensitive skin will want to use. The product formulas are lightweight, creamy and soothing to make treating eczema more like self-care and less like a chore,” says Dr. Murad, who hopes to set a new standard in eczema care. “Eczema can be a source of pain, both physically and emotionally, and we’ve aimed to alleviate some of that pain by creating a luxurious, sensorial skin-care experience, with clinically proven results both immediately and over time.”

The formula is devoid of steroids and silicones and packed with colloidal oatmeal, ground cherry extract, mondo grass sugars and micellar cleansing peptides. Murad is taking a unique approach to addressing the condition. “Eczema flare-ups can often manifest as a result of stress. Stress can trigger an overabundance of cortisol, stimulating inflammation that can irritate skin and trigger (or worsen) a flare-up,” explains Dr. Murad. “With our new eczema products, we hope to alleviate the emotional stress that is often associated with having eczema and prevent the stress that can trigger eczema.”

Packaged to blend in with your other luxe skin-care products with a formula that will help heal skin, these are the new Murad launches: Soothing Oat and Peptide Cleanser ($42) gently cleanses skin with a creamy formula; Quick Relief Colloidal Oatmeal Treatment ($46) is ideal for quick relief of itch, irritation and rashes; and Daily Defense Colloidal Oatmeal Cream ($54) is a daily moisturizer that strengthens skin while prolonging relief from flare-ups.

New: Cetaphil

When developing new eczema products, experts at Cetaphil wanted to target two things: itch and flare-up relief. “Our guiding light has always been ‘What does the patient or consumer need?’ and ‘How can we help address that?’” says Galderma director of medical affairs Matthew Meckfessel. “When it comes to eczema, the itching is often the most bothersome symptom, and flares often need additional care.” Driven by these consumer needs, Itch Relief Gel ($20) and Flare Up Relief Cream ($20) were born. The brand also updated its classic Soothing Moisturizer ($18) with new innovations.

The Itch Relief Gel “has a unique metal roller applicator that allows for easy application and delivers a cool-touch sensation. This helps provide immediate itch relief in under 30 seconds that lasts a full 12 hours,” says Meckfessel. Like many eczema products, Cetaphil’s are chock full of colloidal oatmeal, but the formulas also contain innovative ingredients like Ad-Resyl and Filaggrin. “Filaggrin is a protein your body naturally produces to keep skin hydrated, and it’s often deficient in eczema patients,” says Meckfessel. “So, we added these ingredients into the formula to help replenish what your body already naturally produces.”

New: Eczema Honey

Eczema Honey launched its original skin-soothing product back in 2018. This summer, the brand released five new innovations. The new products branch off into categories that we rarely see eczema-centric formulas exist in. While keeping the formulas safe and sensitive for eczema-prone skin, they also target other common skin care concerns.

The Multi Peptide Eye Cream ($15) targets dark circles and signs of aging for those with irritated, eczema-prone skin. Concentrated Nighttime Renewal Face Cream ($25) has retinal, bakuchiol and resveratrol for anti-aging benefits for sensitive skin. The brand also extended into body and scalp care, so they’ve got you covered head to toe.

New: Mustela

In October, Mustela launched Stelatopia Intense Eczema Relief ($21) to tackle serious eczema on newborns, babies and children. Dermatologist- and pediatrician-tested, it’s safe for the most delicate, sensitive skin but has enough power to effectively relieve irritation and supply moisture for up to 24 hours.

Classic: CeraVe Healing Ointment ($11)

This ointment is a great go-to when your skin is in need of extra barrier support. Slap on this protective layer to boost the skin’s natural moisture barrier function for up to eight hours. It’s suitable for helping soothe, protect and hydrate eczema-prone skin.

Classic: La Roche-Posay Lipikar Eczema Soothing Relief Cream ($16)

This eczema cream is a pro at soothing problem areas on the body, hands and face. It helps relieve itchy, irritated skin and visibly reduces signs of eczema.

Classic: Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream ($12)

Clinically proven to soothe dry skin, this cream is always good to have on hand. It helps alleviate eczema symptoms, including itchiness, dryness and irritation. To help reduce the cycle of flare-ups and itchiness, this formula also helps prevent the recurrence of extra-dry skin.

Classic: Skinfix Eczema+ Hand Repair Cream ($20)

Time and time again, this fast-absorbing cream has proven itself to be a skin savior, especially for dry, cracked skin on the hands. Reviewers praise this product for giving them the relief other products hadn’t.

Classic: Pipette Eczema Lotion ($14)

This lotion is formulated with the sensitive skin of a baby in mind, but it’s great for the whole family. The plant-derived ingredients soothe flare-ups, relieve irritation and moisturize dry, itchy skin.