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Hope Chest Thrift

Hope Chest Thrift provides Turlock residents a place for them to buy and donate their lightly used items. (Signal Photo/Emily Ascencio)

Over the last few years, thrift shopping has become an embraced fashion trend that has allowed for the new generation to experiment with their personal style without giving in to the fast fashion trends companies tend to throw at consumers.

“Fast Fashion” is quickly becoming one of the highest polluting industries in the world. Companies are looking for quick and cheap ways to produce the hottest new looks only for consumers to wear these items once and toss them aside once their popularity is gone. 

According to a research article written by Susana Toboso Chavero, environmental scientist and fashion designer, fashion consumption has increased by 400% in the last few years causing manufacturing to change dramatically leaving a huge carbon footprint. 

Different types of waste and pollution is

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Men’s 80s Fashion Trends You Should Wear Today (And How To Do It)

When it comes to style, the 1980s are often overlooked in favour of the 60s and 70s. While the former was all neatly cut suits and minimal colour palettes, the latter was flamboyant and over the top – perfect fodder today for brands such as Gucci, which has made a killing off the back of the decade’s brashness.

But what did the 80s do well? If you can look past the big hair and high-waisted jeans, there’s a lot we can gain from this underrated decade. Similar to the music of the 80s, there was a lot going on when it came to style, and from casualwear prep through to drapey, oversized tailoring, a lot of what we wear today is in debt to this unique period.

If you’re looking to inject a bit of flair into your wardrobe, these are the 80s fashion trends you can wear today.


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Best and worst dressed on the Las Vegas pink carpet

Move over Hollywood award shows: The highlight of men’s fashion this year was the NFL red carpet Thursday night. Las Vegas had no shortage of bright-colored suits, fresh kicks, and oh so much bling.

With no real fashion crimes to speak of, the only peccadillos were athletes playing it safe at an event that is now known almost as much for the surprise suit linings as it has for the hope these bright-eyed athletes will bring to their teams.

Still, in fashion, like in the NFL itself, there are winners and then everyone else. Here are some of our favorites and those we liked less

Honestly, what a breath of fresh air to see men have fun with a color other than black.

But it was former Cincinnati cornerback Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, drafted by the New York Jets with the fourth overall pick, who went above and beyond in

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6 Best Places to Shop in Aruba

Head to the markets and smaller shops for local goods like Dutch cheese, beach house decor, traditional wooden figurines, and more.

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Aruba may be home to a number of shopping centers and malls, but it’s the markets and boutiques you’ll really want to explore. Scattered around the island, they sell artisan products like locally made hot sauce, pottery, aloe vera soap and more, all of which make for unique souvenirs.

Whether you’re on the hunt for gourmet treats, resort wear, or some Aruban art, you’ll find the best local products at places like a food emporium in Noord, a small shop on Eagle Beach, and the open-air stalls on Oranjestad’s main pier. Shop at spots like these and, rather than leaving with a mass-produced keepsake, you’ll head home with something that you can only find on island.

Read on for the six best places to shop

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