How AR Helps You Shop Better Online

Augmented reality (AR) has redefined eCommerce, making your shopping experience easier. This technology changes a real environment by virtually enhancing it, allowing you to experience a virtual representation of the product.

AR includes a representation of features from reality, such as sound and visual effects. So, how do these make your online shopping experience better? Let’s take a look.

Product Information Is Presented Thoroughly

AR allows you to see and examine a product’s features without having to step into the store. This presents a personalized visual of the product from the comfort of your home, or from any location of your choice.

This way, It is also easier to customize certain elements to your preference, such as size, colour or designs. eCommerce stores provide 3D interactive models of products so that your online shopping experience is as close to reality as possible.

As the technological age advances, modern applications continue

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Look No Further – These Are the 15 Best Fashion Deals to Shop During Amazon Prime Day

Best Prime Day Fashion Deals

Best Prime Day Fashion Deals


instyle – 25 Available at Amazon

instyle – 30 Available at Amazon

instyle – 51 Available at Amazon

instyle – 28 Available at Amazon

instyle – 38 Available at Amazon

instyle – 49 Available at Amazon

Since Amazon Prime Day is happening right at the start of summer this year, the next two days are all about stocking up on warm weather fashion essentials at affordable prices. The Prime Day Big Style Sale is full of incredible deals on clothing, shoes, and accessories, and we found the 15 best ones you won’t want to miss.

From Levi’s denim cutoffs and Cupshe swimsuits to Sam Edelman sandals and a Marc Jacobs weekend bag, Amazon’s fashion sale section is stocked with discounts from top-rated brands. Keep scrolling to check out all 15 of the best clothing, shoe, and accessory deals available to shop now during

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Netflix Launches Online Shop for ‘Exclusive’ Show-Themed Apparel

Netflix Launches Online Shop for‘Exclusive’ Show-Themed Apparel.On June 10, Netflix announced the launch of anew online shop based on its most popular shows. .The store, which is already available in the United States,will sell apparel, merchandise and collectibles. .Products offered will be “exclusive limited editions,”according to Netflix’s VP of Consumer Products, Josh Simon. will drop exclusive limitededitions of carefully selected high-qualityapparel and lifestyle products tied to ourshows and brand on a regular basis, Josh Simon, via ‘Complex’.Simon also revealed that the first items to debuton the site this month will include streetwear and actionfigures inspired by ‘Yasuke,’ ‘Eden’ and ‘Lupin.’.It was also said that exclusive products from ‘The Witcher’ and ‘Stranger Things’ are on the horizon. .It was also said that exclusive products from ‘The Witcher’ and ‘Stranger Things’ are on the horizon. .[K]eep an eye out for exclusive products frombeloved titles like ‘The Witcher’ and ‘StrangerThings,’ as well

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“MUSUBI KILN” Opened as Online Shop and Media Portal: New World Where Traditional Japanese Tableware Is Infused into Global Dining Experience of Customers | News

TOKYO, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Musubi Lab LLC has opened “MUSUBI KILN,” an online shop and media portal which opens up a new dining experience for overseas customers by introducing traditional Japanese tableware and food culture. Not only does it make accessible to traditional tableware from all over Japan, but it also contains helpful information, ranging from tips of incorporating traditional Japanese tableware into a global dining experience to the stories of in-depth look at craftsmen and their art.


MUSUBI KILN, opened on June 1, introduces beautiful tableware such as brightly and vibrantly colored Kutani ware, Yamanaka lacquerware with beautiful wood grain, and Tobe ware which features a bold arabesque pattern by curated selection in conjunction with ways to appreciate them.

Traditional tableware is a combination of the best craftsmanship which has been passed down for generations, a design which incorporates the modern sensibility,

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