Unexpected finds await at Paradise Flea Market in Cape Coral

The term “diamond in the rough” certainly applies to what visitors experience every third Wednesday of the month at the Paradise Flea Market in Cape Coral. There is the typical assortment of longtime family possessions and novelties that one would expect to find. Yet, the added presence of untraditional and unorthodox offerings for this kind of forum — from new handmade artist works to entrepreneurs offering women’s fashion and beauty products to rare coin providers — bring added dimensions to the monthly event at the Cape Coral Yacht Club Community Park ballroom.

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After being shut down since last December due to the pandemic, the fourth annual edition returned to the venue on Sept. 15, with 15 separate vendors, and will continue Wednesday, Oct. 20, and on the third Wednesday of each month after that.

Rita N., visiting from Atlanta, checks out one of the vendor displays at the Paradise Flea Market.

Kyle Karczewski, senior recreation

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap, Season 7 Episode 3 (Week Two)

When the famous enfant terrible and alleged fashion designer Kanye West said, “No one man should have all that power,” he didn’t know it yet but he was referring to Riley and Riley alone. The time has come for the Rilenaissance and I am HERE FOR IT. Good God. I think literally every woman on the beach summed it up when they first laid eyes on Riley and simply said, “What a man.” It was unfair to bring Riley in because … look at his whole thing. Riley was already a fucking stud on the desert season, but now? Now? This man is unstoppable. Some people really thrive on Paradise compared to a usual season because they might be more comfortable being pursued than having to pursue someone, while other people thrive because they’re able to INSTANTLY CAPITALIZE ON SEXUAL TENSION.

Holy shit. I was at home, on my couch,

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