Dog Fashion for Your Pandemic Puppy Goes Luxury

ON A RECENT sunny day, a French bulldog named Hector took a walk with his owner to a café near their home in Los Angeles. As usual, Hector wore his $380 French leather “Dorró” collar and $520 “Tascher” leash, both in beige. That day he left his $680 “Colombo” harness at home, although it’s one of his favorites. All are made by Pagerie, the high-end dog accessories company launched by his owner, Mandy Madden Kelley, a lawyer turned fashion influencer turned entrepreneur. According to Ms. Madden Kelley, a neighbor walking a cat (this was Los Angeles, after all) stopped and asked where Hector’s accessories came from. “It literally looks like it’s Hermès or something,” the admirer said.


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For Ms. Madden Kelley—a New Zealander who blogs about motherhood, beauty and, yes, dogs—it was a gratifying moment. “I

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Matteo Marzotto Buys Two Companies in Luxury Goods Supply Chain

MILAN — Italian entrepreneur Matteo Marzotto has embarked on another fashion project, but this time he has turned his attention to Italian craftsmanship and the special, high-quality components that differentiate luxury goods brands.

With two business partners, he has formed Ambria Holding and taken majority stakes in Italian companies Zeta Catene and Galvanica Formelli, both located in the Arezzo, Tuscany area. Zeta Catene produces more than 2,000 types of chains of different shapes, sizes and materials, such as brass and silver, as accessories for bags and shoes. Galvanica Formelli offers metal details, components and galvanic treatments for fashion accessories.

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“Over the years, I noticed the incredible skills of our Italian artisans, but at the same time, there is a general lack of unity, while I believe that through integration, we can become specialists in the supply chain,” contended Marzotto.

This is an industrial, not a financial project,

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Luxury shrooms and off-piste fits: What’s in fashion?

Main image courtesy of Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and Universal Pictures. Collage by Douglas Greenwood. 

Fashion week is finally over! Take a deep breath, pour yourself a glass of champagne, catch up on our reviews, and dust off your salopettes. Yes, you read that correctly. If there was one key takeaway from Paris Fashion Week, it was that — even with travel restrictions still in place (perhaps even more so because of them) — apres-ski style is very much back on piste. And as usual, Lady Gaga is ahead of the curve. The AW21 shows may have come to an end, but of course, there’s never a dull week in fashion. So, here we are with our grace-saving edit of fashion news you may have missed this week! Congratulations on making it this far. Here’s what’s in fashion. 


Miu Miu’s AW21 collection, which took place in the Italian

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Affordable And Luxury Black-Owned Beauty Brands To Shop This Holiday

So let’s skip the small talk. This 15 ml bottle of eye serum costs $147. It’s from a luxury skincare brand, Epara, and its market are people who choose to invest a bigger buck in their cosmetics. I knew when I opened the thick, embossed box and found the glass bottle perfectly sitting upright in the center, almost like a royal crest on display at a museum, that the price tag would be hefty. And as a woman in my 30s more intentional about consuming luxury and more intentional about what I put in and on my body, I LOVE THIS FOR US!

Before we even get into the performance of the product (spoiler alert: it’s great!), there’s a void of luxury created by Black people and marketed to Black people in both the fashion and beauty space. There’s long been this notion that Black consumers devalue luxury brands, when

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