Hanahana Beauty Founder Abena Boamah on Growing Her Business and Drawing Hair Inspiration From Her Ghanaian Roots

Photo: Courtesy of Abena Boamah

Texture Diaries is a space for Black people across industries to reflect on their journeys to self-love and how accepting their hair, in all its glory, played a pivotal role in this process. Each week, they share their favorite hair rituals, products, and the biggest lessons they’ve learned when it comes to affirming their beauty and owning their unique hair texture.

Abena Boamah has been keeping her community moisturized since 2017, when she founded Hanahana Beauty, the place for moisturizing whipped shea butters, sourced from Ghana, in delicious and hydrating scents like lavender vanilla, eucalyptus, and bamboo coconut. Boamah has nurtured a passion for skin care from an early age. “Being Ghanaian, growing up, I always associated beauty with cleanliness and being moisturized. I was always told to look put together and to moisturize before school,” the founder, who now splits her time between Chicago

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From Colours to Cuts, These Are the Hair Trends That Matter Most This Spring

Working with a brilliant team of fashion editors who have their fingers on the pulse means that, luckily for me, I’ve had the low-down on the spring/summer fashion trends for 2021 for quite a while now. The world of beauty, however, can be a little trickier to predict. We’ve already delved into the brilliant beauty products that shaped 2020, but the growing popularity of platforms like TikTok means that trending beauty often changes overnight. Combine that with the uncertainty around the opening and closing of beauty salons, and it’s becoming increasingly tricky to forecast which beauty treatments and trends look set to take off in 2021.

However, after enjoying just one haircut during the whole of 2020, I was feeling frankly desperate for a little hairstyle inspiration, so I decided it was time to ask some of my favourite hair experts to take a peek into their crystal

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Fashion Girls Keep Wearing This Super-’90s Hair Accessory, and I Have Questions

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These Are The Airbnbs Brits Really Want To Stay In

The folks at Airbnb has revealed their 21 most wishlisted properties of 2021, and every single one is in the UK.Confirming the growing population of staycations, the properties range from an undercover woodland treehouse in West Sussex to a luxury glamping pod in southwest Wales.Many of the in-demand properties are situated in secluded countryside locations, underlining the way pandemic life has made us crave nature. “The pandemic has prompted a fundamental shift in travel and a realignment of what’s most important to us as human beings,” an Airbnb spokesperson said. “As we prepare to be able to travel once again, where previously, our most wishlisted homes have been dominated by far-flung and exotic destinations, this year it’s all about the rural retreats to explore on domestic shores.”Click through this slideshow for 21 slices of staycation inspo.The Pigsty,

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‘SNL’ host Regina King is Gorilla Glue hair victim seeking legal compensation: ‘You are not alone’

“Saturday Night Live” guest host Regina King starred in a skit taken from today’s viral headlines – as a woman who used Gorilla Glue in her hair to disastrous results.

The woman seeks legal compensation in a spoof of accident lawyer commercials.

“If this has happened to you, you are not alone,” said King’s Latrice Commode, not only a victim but half of the law firm Commode & Commode. “This is not your fault.”

“Fact: Every day as many as one people fall victim to using Gorilla Glue as a beauty product and they deserve compensation,” she said, standing next to partner Denzel Commode (Kenan Thompson), who has suffered the same hair mishap using the fast-bonding glue.

“It’s a mistake that could happen to anybody, like brushing your teeth with Preparation H,” said Latrice Commode.

‘SNL’ mocks Trump’s impeachment trial: Kate McKinnon’s Lindsey Graham moves to ‘Free Britney’

‘Drunk Tom

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