5 of Deepika Padukone’s hair accessories, from hair bands to flowers that truly elevated her hair game

Deepika Padukone has always been one step ahead when it comes to making beauty and fashion statements. One way that the diva ensures that her hair game is always on point, is by picking the most perfect hair accessories. From veils to hair bands and more, here’s a peek at Deepika Padukone’s flawless accessory game.


Need to elevate your desi look? A way to never go wrong is by adding flowers to your hair. Deepika Padukone did just that by not opting for the usual gajra, but instead going with roses lined just above her bun after the braid, to match with her opulent floral lehenga.

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Retro hairband

Need a simple yet stylish way to keep your hair away from your face? Take inspiration from Deepika Padukone on how to rock a simple hairband and match it partly with your outfit. She pulled her hair

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Bread Beauty Supply CEO Maeva Heim is Redefining “Lazy Girl Hair” for Black Women

For Black women who grew up in and continue to navigate predominantly white spaces, much of the discrimination we have faced has been tied to stereotypical and often historical ideas about Black hair and bodies. This has in many ways shaped how Black women present themselves to the world and the relationships they have with their hair.

For decades, Black women have relied on chemical relaxers and heat-intensive styling practices that are not only expensive and labor-intensive but can also have severe long-term effects on their health and well-being. The boom of natural hair content on social media in the early 2010s created a cultural reset that has redefined beauty by focusing on Black women’s evolving relationship with their hair. What has come out of this has been a great emergence of creators, educators, and entrepreneurs who have established industry-disrupting brands that are rooted in putting Black women’s hair-care needs

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Black women’s hair products are killing us. Why isn’t more being done?

<span>Photograph: Hero Images Inc./Alamy Stock Photo/Alamy Stock Photo</span>

Photograph: Hero Images Inc./Alamy Stock Photo/Alamy Stock Photo

A new study reveals what some scientists and researchers have suspected for years – that frequent and long-term use of lye-based hair relaxers may have serious health effects, including breast cancer. Published in Oxford University’s Carcinogenesis Journal, the study found that Black women who used these products at least seven times a year for 15 or more years had a roughly 30% increased risk of developing breast cancer compared with more infrequent users.

The research team also analyzed survey data from Boston University’s Black Women’s Health Study, which followed more than 50,000 African American women for more than 25 years and observed their medical diagnoses and any factors that could influence their health. The results? Of the women followed from 1997 to 2017, 95% reported using lye-based relaxers, and ultimately 2,311 developed breast cancers.

This additional risk factor is just one part

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These Two Women Opened A Pop-Up Museum To Celebrate The Beauty Of Black Hair : NPR

A new pop-up Black Hair museum is creating a nostalgic experience to celebrate the diversity and evolution of Black hair throughout the decades.

Courtesy of The Black Hair Experience/

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Courtesy of The Black Hair Experience/

A new pop-up Black hair museum is creating a nostalgic experience to celebrate the diversity and evolution of Black hair throughout the decades.

The 15 installations will walk ticket holders through the eras of Black hair, where they can pose for photo ops throughout the interactive space. The Black Hair Experience is meant to celebrate how Black hair care and styling has changed over time, says founder Elizabeth Austin-Davis.

“We wanted to create a visual celebration of the experiences that tie us together regardless of how you wear your hair. Our goal was to create something that promoted self-love and celebrated the beauty of Black hair,” she says.

The pop-up museum

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