What the Tech: Free Products from Amazon

Trusting reviews on Amazon has been a tricky thing since the early days of online shopping.

When it comes down to two similar items in our cart, most of us will turn to what other Amazon shoppers think of the products. But we are all aware that reviews are not always trustworthy.

Some reviews are fakes, and others are paid-for. Even reviews from “verified purchasers” are sometimes from people who are paid to not only buy the product from Amazon but leave a positive review.

In an attempt to offer more helpful reviews from trusted reviewers, Amazon launched “Vine Voices” several years ago. It is a program where customers receive products for free in exchange for well-written and helpful reviews.

Some Vine Voice reviewers have written about thousands of products they’ve received from Amazon. Those reviews are clearly labeled as “vine customers review of free product”. Amazon is

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How to Return an Amazon Item Fast and Often Free Ahead of the Holiday Season

As online shopping has taken over the retail world, returning items to online store has slowly been streamlined over the last few years. Amazon’s return policy is pretty straightforward at this point, and in many cases, you can return an item from home without dropping it off anywhere. Here’s a quick explainer for Amazon returns and how to determine if yours will be simple.

If you try to initiate a return on something you purchased from Amazon, the site will typically instruct you to take the item to a UPS store, a Whole Foods or a Kohl’s store, among other vendors. If you’re looking for a way to avoid this step, you could start by carefully choosing the reason for your return. According to a report by CNET, the “reason for return” menu on Amazon’s site determines what will happen to the merchandise when you send it back, and

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I Found So Many Cute Fall Pieces at Free People, Nordstrom, and Everlane

Online shopping is a massive part of my job, but I get especially excited at the start of a new season. I’m not usually one to add a bunch of new pieces into my wardrobe at once, but these fall-ready picks from Nordstrom, Everlane, and Free People are making a strong case for me to pull out my debit card and treat myself.

Not to brag, but I feel like my style truly peaks in the fall. From the cozy jackets to the inclusion of flannel on just about everything, I am ever-so-slightly obsessed with the fashion that crops up around this time of year. Where better to look for some new pieces than on the sites I already love so very much? Both Nordstrom and Free People have long been the places I check first when it comes to shopping for all of the season’s trendiest styles, so starting

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Neith Nyer designer on breaking free of Paris fashion calendar

Brazilian designer Francisco Terra of French upstart brand Neith Nyer says the Covid crisis has freed him from the need to follow the usual fashion playbook.

Terra is organising one of the few live catwalk shows during men’s fashion week in Paris that began Tuesday — but he is doing it outside the official line-up and in his own style.

His intimate show, with around 100 guests, takes place Thursday in the Consulat, an art centre based in a former electricity sub-station, to be followed by a four-day pop-up store to get direct feedback from clients.

“Covid has allowed me to see many things clearly… to free myself from the shackles of the calendar and seasons,” the 37-year-old told AFP at his apartment-cum-studio in Paris.

It is the first time since launching his label that Terra did not apply to be part of the official Paris calendar.

And after more

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