Hanahana Beauty Founder Abena Boamah on Growing Her Business and Drawing Hair Inspiration From Her Ghanaian Roots

Photo: Courtesy of Abena Boamah

Texture Diaries is a space for Black people across industries to reflect on their journeys to self-love and how accepting their hair, in all its glory, played a pivotal role in this process. Each week, they share their favorite hair rituals, products, and the biggest lessons they’ve learned when it comes to affirming their beauty and owning their unique hair texture.

Abena Boamah has been keeping her community moisturized since 2017, when she founded Hanahana Beauty, the place for moisturizing whipped shea butters, sourced from Ghana, in delicious and hydrating scents like lavender vanilla, eucalyptus, and bamboo coconut. Boamah has nurtured a passion for skin care from an early age. “Being Ghanaian, growing up, I always associated beauty with cleanliness and being moisturized. I was always told to look put together and to moisturize before school,” the founder, who now splits her time between Chicago

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What Is The Facebook Business Manager ..and When Should You Use It?

A contest is one other nice method to grow fans and grow your business on Facebook. Well, a freebie can encompass decrease-worth objects, similar to one photoshop motion from a whole collection – usually to just give them a sense of what they might be shopping for. A Facebook contest might really win them one thing big, perhaps the whole collection or a non-public session with their in-home designers. I’m using the photoshop motion and am already considering to purchase their collections to take my photoshop skill to the subsequent degree. Not only am I a massively grateful potential customer, I am also a relevant audience that is likely to return to their page to digest their updates. Here is a personal story, a couple of weeks ago, I was searching for photoshop actions to assist me improve my photoshop-ing expertise.

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4 Trends That May Form The Agency Business In 2021

First, businesses are focusing more and more on social purpose and social influence. Second, they’re additionally pondering extra about resilience and business continuity in the face of future crises. Finally, we now have seen an intensified private sector commitment to racial equity—from the c-suite to the board room, from investments to philanthropy, from compensation to purchasing, and extra. What’s clear is that 2020 was a demanding but defining 12 months for organizations of each type, and main organizations are creating the change that they and we’d like. The publication of this report seeks to document the toll the COVID-19 pandemic took on small companies in 2020.

Covid brought on a major shakeup within the drug trade, making it quicker and simpler to trial medication. Researchers have put many conventional scientific trials on hold, or they’ve shifted to a digital structure by performing consultations online and amassing knowledge remotely. Remote scientific … Read More

Fry’s Electronics Goes Out of Business

(Photo by Andrej Sokolow/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Another one bites the dust: Online shopping and a global pandemic have forced big-box store Fry’s Electronics to close all locations, effective immediately.

Known for its elaborate decorations (including huge statues of pop culture characters and retro car bodies as dining tables), the family-owned operation began as a 20,000 square-foot electronics store in Sunnyvale, Calif. At its peak, the chain operated 34 stores in nine states.

“After nearly 36 years in business as the one-stop-shop and online resource for high-tech professionals … Fry’s Electronics, Inc. has made the difficult decision to shut down its operations and close its business permanently as a result of changes in the retail industry and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to a message on the company website.

Fry's Electronics interior

(Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

Fry’s ceased regular operations today, beginning what it called “an orderly wind-down

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