Six lessons in street style, from Australian Fashion Week

After a joyous week of shows, Australian Fashion Week has come to a close for another year

When it comes to those magazine editors, influencers and other invited guests who attend the shows in Sydney, the event has typically been known for its commitment to body-conscious dresses, minimalism and tailoring. That ‘jacket worn over the shoulders’ styling trick that used to be everywhere? Its spiritual home was Australian Fashion Week.

This year, the looks outside the shows was a pleasingly surprisingly diverse buffet of expressive personal style.

Ideas and styling tips to steal, from outside the shows in Sydney.

Hanna Lassen/Getty Images

Ideas and styling tips to steal, from outside the shows in Sydney.

Now that the week’s flurry of activity is over, we can take a reflective look at just some of the ensembles outside the shows on the street – and think about the lessons we can take into our winter wardrobes.

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Lesson 1: Embrace the turtleneck

The first thing you may notice about Muslim Australian model Hanan Ibrahim’s outfit is her expertly coordinated hijab and handbag, but her white turtleneck sweater is the real drawcard for me.

The lightweight piece in crisp white lends the otherwise classic outfit an effortless feel, but the neckline still adds in a bit of structure.

I’ll be picking up options in white and black to wear by themselves this month and will layer them under anything and everything when we get deeper into winter.

Lesson 2: Make a statement with your glasses

In recent years low profile, neutral coloured glasses that blend into the face have dominated eyewear trends, but these striking specs on designer Jenny Kee, known for her colourful designs, should be your reminder that bold frames are still winners too.

Many optometry retailers offer combined pricing for two pairs of glasses so take a cue from Kee and pick up a bright pair, match it with an equally loud lipstick and consider the job done.

Lesson 3: Cosy up in velvet

A run of cold mornings this week put me at risk of wearing nothing but knitwear for the foreseeable, but Married At First Sight alumna Jules Robinson wearing a matching jacket and pant set by her brand Moira Muse is the first real style moment of late that has come close to luring me out of my woolies.

Elevated but still cosy, brr…illiant.

Lesson 4: Don’t be afraid of prints

The fabulously curly-haired Kiwi stylist and photographer Chloe Hill is always a vision of optimistic colour and print.

Seen here wearing a full Romance is Born outfit, outside their show that was itself inspired the vibrant prints of Australian designer Ken Done, Hill is a walking testament of the fact that a more is more approach to prints can actually look impeccably chic.

Lesson 5: Commit to your look

On the opposite end of the shade spectrum, is this showing from New Zealander’s Beck Wadworth (wearing Harris Tapper) and Kate Fowler alongside Aussie’s Talisa Sutton and Holly Titheridge, which once again proves how strong an outfit can look if you commit to a strictly curated colour palette.

Bonus points too, for the oversized tailoring.

Lesson 6: Pile on the bangles

The lesson to take away from Sydney based stylist Fluer Egan’s get up lies in these outrageously fun resin bangles by Dinosaur Designs: We should all embrace funky art teacher-esque accessories. Pass me the paintbrush please.