Should nose piercing be done on the left side or right side?

Should nose piercing be done on the left side or right side?

Nose piercing is an add-on to your beautiful face. It enhances the way you look. But sometimes for beauty freaks, it becomes a crucial event. That’s why they are worried about whether the nose piercing should be on left or right side. Symmetry becomes important for them. If you are one of them and always wonder which side of the nose will be perfect for nose piercing, then here is the ultimate guide for you.

Different aspects to look at before choosing nose piercing be on left or right

should i pierce nose on left or right side


You can get your nose pierced on any side you want or you feel look good on you. But have you ever wondered, is there any scientific approach to the side of nose piercing? Here is the fact. In Ayurveda, it is written that the left nostril is attached to the Female reproductive system, mainly the uterus.  That’s why piercing the left side of your nose helps in parturition. It eases the pain you feel during childbirth. That’s why most Indian women pierce their noses on the left side. This is the only scientific reason attached to the side of nose piercing. Apart from this it completely depends on your look and comfort.


As mentioned earlier, nose piercing is absolutely a choice. There is no hard and fast rule that nose piercing should be on left or right side if you are a female. It is an idea of beauty. That’s why apart from the scientific reason, which is far to think, you should focus on which side piercing looks good on you. Depending on your face shape, size, symmetry, and structure; you can decide whether left-side or right-side nose piercing will enhance your face. By observing your face, you can come to a conclusion which is “the good side” of your face and accordingly goes for the nose piercing. Be it on the left side or right side, the only important thing is that it should add to your existing beauty and enhance it in a better way.

Face Shape:

Symmetric and asymmetric face shapes do matter a lot when it comes to nose piercing. For people with symmetric faces, structures do not have to worry so much. It is easier for them because they will look good be it on the left side or the right side. As their structure on both sides of the face is almost similar, no matter where they pierce and put on the nose ring; it will look the same.

But for people with asymmetric face shapes, it is an important and slightly difficult task to figure out which side you should go for. Because nose piercing can change your whole look and facilities structure as well. That’s why you need to observe your face well. You should look at the jawline and if it lies between flat and chubby creeks, it is absolutely fine. You can get your nose pierced on whatever side you want.

But if you have a chubby cheek, you need to invest in a nose ring. Fake nose rings are those which can be worn without piercing. When you wear this for a day or two on both sides of your nose, you can get a clear idea of which side is looking better. You can ask your friends, colleagues, and parents as well.

But if you have flat cheeks or a sleek jawline, you need to experiment a lot with fake nose rings. You should invest a good amount of money and buy 2 to 3 nose piercings. Wear every nose ring for at least a week. Ask for a review from an Upper officer. Then decide on which side you should get the piercing on and which side the piercing does look good on you.

The mid-way:

This is one of the rare decisions you can take for the enhancement of your beauty. Not many people pierce their noses in the middle except some tribals. But this is the new age fashion. If you get pierced midway, there will be no debate regarding whether the nose piercing should be on the left side or right side. This idea is less confusing, more convenient, and filled with the smell of old traditions and it is a unique experience.

Alternative way:

Nose rings are a beautiful addition.  But to wear nose rings, you need not get the piercing, bear the pain, etc. Rather you can go to some online stores, searching your favorite design nose ring, and buy it. You can wear this and remove this whenever you want, without any pain.

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 In the bottom line:

Now you know what is the purpose and various approaches towards nose piercing and what can be the alternative to all the beauty freaks people. That’s why you should focus on sustainable jewelry as per your own personality.

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