Seasonal Marketing – Halloween Edition: “Spook” your customers into buying


Shoppers make emotional purchases and what better way to trigger those emotions than a seasonal marketing campaign? Every holiday season customers expect to get into the holiday spirit when going shopping. 

In this article, we are going to focus on the Halloween celebration. You will discover the impact of seasonal marketing and we’ll also throw in some of the best Halloween campaigns for inspiration. 

What is Seasonal marketing?

Seasonal marketing is the process of promoting products during a special time of the year or a holiday. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas are amazing opportunities to increase sales. While it might seem like only candies and seasonal products can benefit from seasonal marketing, this is far from the truth. 

Why is it important to focus on seasonal marketing?

Creating campaigns that are focused on a certain holiday is a great way to engage with customers and showcase your products. While your product might not be a seasonal product, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create a spooky campaign during Halloween or a sweet one during Valentine’s. 

People tend to shop more during holidays. This is because they allow themselves to splurge a little. Statistics show that 29% of customers are expected to spend more than they spend last year. This can also be impacted by the inflation rate that it’s on the rise. 

If you decide not to focus on seasonal marketing, you will be losing the attention of your customers. Why? Most brands implement campaigns during the holidays and other special days and shoppers won’t be able to spot your products because their attention will be on the other campaigns. 

Halloween – A great occasion to promote your products

What gets people into the shopping spirit? Is it a great deal, a new paycheck they just receive, or a holiday? Well, it might be all of the above. While you can’t do anything about the paychecks of your potential customers, you can surely take care of the two other opportunities. 

Halloween is a Celtic holiday that became popular and spread in the United States during the nineteenth century, thanks to Irish immigrants. It’s usually celebrated on the 31st of October, but the celebration date depends on the country. For instance, Sweden celebrates Halloween on the first Saturday of November. 

Halloween, also known as All-Hallows-Eve is not a public holiday in the US and other countries, but it is a great opportunity for people to come together for trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, or simply hosting costume parties. What do all of these have in common? The need for various products. Starting from candies to costumes, supermarkets are filled with Halloween-themed products in October. 

People are ready to spend big money during this holiday. In 2021, shoppers spent $10.1 billion during Halloween. It is expected that, in 2022, sales increase to up to $10.6 billion. Reports also show that more and more people are starting to celebrate Halloween which means that you have a higher chance of acquiring new loyal customers. In 2022, 69% of responders mentioned that they plan on celebrating this year. 

The average household spending for this year’s Halloween event is predicted to be $102. Also, almost 30% of shoppers spend their money in grocery stores or supermarkets during Halloween. If these numbers have convinced you to prepare a campaign for this or next year’s Halloween, we would like to share some great campaign ideas for our partners. 

Halloween-themed campaign

Fanta’s being spooky

Fanta, the fruity-flavored soda from Coca-Cola, decided to step it up this Halloween season. Bottles of Fanta started to get spooky in stores with Tokinomo’s help. How? Here are some videos from the campaign:

This campaign was implemented in Brazilia, in Dalben Supermercados, thanks to our local partner Creative Display. From 16 to 31 October, shoppers can interact with spooky Fanta bottles in Brazilian stores. Considering how inventive this campaign is, we can’t wait to see the results. 

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