Netflix’s Halston Trailer with Ewan McGregor: WATCH

He might be playing a famous ’70s fashion designer and not a Jedi, but Ewan McGregor still has the high ground in the Halston series trailer. In the opening shot, McGregor (starring as Halston) looks out of a skyscraper office window and declares that he has a vision. “I’m going to change the face of American fashion,” he says. Between dramatic clips of models walking the runway, we see Halston donning sunglasses, smoking, and reflecting on his path to success. “I’ve been an outsider my whole life, till one day I just stopped giving a flying fuck,” he explains. Fashion illustrator Joe Eula (played by David Pittu) pushes him to develop a signature style, while Liza Minnelli (played by Krysta Rodriguez) grins and says that the one thing Halston doesn’t know how to do is stop. Amid the glitz and glam, we also catch glimpses of his muse (played by Rebecca Dayan) and his lover (Gian Franco Rodriguez). But as the trailer takes a darker turn, Halston is accused of being obsessive and out of control. He snorts cocaine, throws things, and tells people in a meeting they can all fuck off. At one point, over a dozen McGregors appear on-screen together to chant in disturbing unison, “Halston for your today. Halston for your everyday. Halston for your world.” Watch the fashion legend fall apart when Halston comes to Netflix on May 14.