Netflix shop opens with clothing, toys, and “blood spattered” jewelry

Netflix opened their first online shop this week, powered by Shopify. They’ve teamed up with a few radical designers to release their first bits of clothing, all with inspiration from some of Netflix’s own IP. Shows like Yasuke and Eden lead the way, with collaboration and production power from the streetwear brand Hypland as well as clothing and product maker EDEN.

Below you’ll see a video showing Hypland creator Jordan Bentley describing his love for anime, creating clothing, and creating a massively successful streetwear brand. He describes how this collaboration came about, and shows what the shop will deliver in its first release wave.

The first set of items to hit the Netflix shop from Hypland were designed by designer Kristopher Kites. You’ll find a Yasuke Marine Link Necklace, a Yasuke Cuban Link Necklace, and a Yasuke Yori (Armor) collectable in the mix. The armor is one of several items in the shop that are currently on pre-order, available in July of 2021. This armor is 4.5-inches tall, made of nylon plastic with a matte black finish, and are all hand-spattered with red “blood.”

The Netflix shop will also feature designs from BEAMS. The BEAMS brand collection will start with clothing designs inspired by Eden. They have a standard Eden Logo Tee, an Eden PJ Tee, Eden E92 Tee, Eden Zero Tee, and an Eden x Beam logo cap.

This collaboration will explore items beyond clothing, too. The first set of items that’ll come to the Netflix shop with EDEN were designed by Nathalie Nguyen.

Nathalie Nguyen’s Yasuke Haruto Clock is a sculptural piece for $135 USD. This product is up on pre-order on the site and will be up for general sale on October 31, 2021. Nguyen also created an Eden E92 Kendama – a modern, limited edition take on the classic toy.

All of this stuff can be found over at the Netflix Shop right now. It’ll be interesting to watch how Netflix handles choosing which products are hosted by their online shop, and which they’ll send to 3rd-party retailers. Netflix also recently teamed up with toy brand Super7 to create Eden products that’ll be sold exclusively by Target – so we’ll see!