Men’s Sustainable Streetwear Startup Uses Heavy Metal Culture to Promote Ethical Fashion

Donates to Eco-Friendly Charities.

SundaySins Apparel has officially launched its online shop and is open for business with world-wide shipping. We are an eco friendly and ethically made streetwear brand just for men. We brand ourselves as a member of the heavy metal community. With T-shirt designs inspired by tattoo artwork, and linking metal songs that advocate for environmental justice. As a business, we will pledge 5% of monthly profits to charities that help clean and preserve the Great Lakes.

How we’re sustainable, how SundaySins Apparel works.

Our brand uses a 3rd party to print and ship our products, Chicago based company Threadless. Threadless uses what’s known as a “Print on Demand” system. Meaning instead of stocking piles of inventory and hoping they all sell. The system allows for shirts to only be printed, after a sale is made. Greatly reducing unsold inventory waste! Threadless also uses a 100% water based and vegan friendly ink to print apparel. Making the printing process both cruelty free and eco friendly. Not to mention Threadless having a great reputation with workers. Giving workers fair hours, many of them great benefits, a safe/clean working environment. Plus are huge supporters of social causes like Black Lives Matter and LGBT rights.

When it comes to the actual t-shirts. SundaySins Apparel only uses Bella+Canvas (B+C) for our clothing. This is because B+C is a leader in the sustainable clothing space. B+C is WRAP certified and a part of the Fair Labor Association. Meaning B+C guarantees no force labor or child labor is used. Workers receive fair hours, good benefits, comply with workplace safety standards, and meet a certain environmental friendly quota. All this plus B+C prohibits and does not tolerate any workplace harassment and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexuality, race etc. Not to mention B+C is proud to say they’re American strong, employing thousands of American workers.

B+C is located in California where some of the strictest EPA regulations exist. B+C has a unique manufacturing process that truly makes them a key player in the eco-friendly clothing space. For example B+C chooses to only use the cleanest chemicals to dye their clothing. In fact B+C only uses about 2.7 gallons of water per pound of fabric to dye their clothing. Compared with the industry standard of 9-20 gallons of water. Then all wastewater is treated at a plant to ensure no chemicals or dye enter the surrounding natural water system. These reasons are why SundaySins Apparel only uses Bella+Canvas, and Threadless to make, design, print, and ship our clothing.

Founder David Chavez, (22) who lives in the Chicagoland area says, “When researching ethically made brands, you’ll notice most brands only carry women’s clothing. The few brands that do have mens clothing all look extremely basic. I want to give men another option, clothing that’s ethically made, but also look great. Something you can proudly wear at a concert, at the bar, wherever. Maybe not Church though.” From an early age David knew the danger that would come with Global Warming. From extreme weather to future conflicts that will rise from lack of resources. It’s the reason why David is so passionate about the environment. Why we as a species must come together to tackle this problem. Of course David understands his business alone won’t stop climate change. But David hopes that his brand becomes influential enough that it encourages current and future businesses to join the trend of donating to social causes and making their businesses as sustainable as possible. The private sector needs to be involved just as much as the public one.

Being Gay and Becoming a Metalhead

When it comes to being openly gay and a metalhead, David has this to say, “Being in the 7th grade, growing up in a catholic household and at a time when being gay was still a very taboo thing. I felt ashamed to have homosexual thoughts. I would get angry at myself for being gay when I already had other personal issues going on in my life. Why was I so different from the other boys.” and “I’m not sure how I discovered metal, but I’m glad I did. Some of the earliest bands I listened to were Inflames, Iron Maiden, and Marilyn Manson. I remember I had a light bulb moment when I first heard The House of Wolves by Bring me the Horizon. It’s like the song turned a switch on in my brain. Instead of self loathing and being ashamed of who I was, I got angry. Angry at not myself-but other people, at society, at God. People who hated people like me for simply being gay. When there’s nothing wrong with that! Plus while all this was going on, I’ve been struggling with my faith in God for the last year. Turns out when you teach a kid science, sometimes they start questioning the stuff they learned at First Communion classes back in the 3rd grade. Heavy metal made me no longer feel ashamed to be gay and helped me come to the light when it came to religion. It is not an exaggeration to say that metal was the outlight I needed in Middle and high school just to stay sane. If bigots thought I was a sinner for being gay and an atheist. Then I say let’s show them what a sinner really is.”

With everything said and done. SundaySins Apparel was born out of the need to provide men an option to wear sustainably made clothing. That looked good, and made the man wearing it feel good. A brand that’s fueled with passion for the environment, and a love for heavy metal.

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