Men’s Fashion Trends 2021: 11 Big Menswear Moves to Try Right Now

If you landed here after curiously googling “men’s fashion trends 2021,” we have an admission to make: it’s a weird time to be trend forecasting! Between the plodding pace of the vaccine rollout and the late January chill that’s set in, there still aren’t a whole lot of public forums for getting fits off, which makes it tricky to assess what people are actually wearing right now or what—if any—true-blue trends are forming and blossoming organically. So today, instead of any real era-defining capital-M Menswear Trends, we’re blessing you with an oddball assortment of things we’re really feeling at the moment. New stuff we want to wear, old stuff we’ve been wearing forever, weird stuff that brings us joy. It’s a lot less surefooted and cohesive than the list of men’s fashion trends we gave you last year, which makes sense: this is a much less surefooted and cohesive time, and these are the feel-good men’s clothing styles that are getting us through the day. Hopefully they’ll help you do that, too.

Good Vibe T-Shirts

The path to positivity begins in your T-shirt drawer.

ALLCAPSTUDIO “Lumumba” tee

Extra Vitamins Be the Light tee

Online Ceramics Look in the Mirror tee

Stuff with Good Pockets

We told you these categories would be a little esoteric.

Document washable vegan suede padded jacket

Bottega Veneta wool-felt overshirt

Hand-Knit Garms

Call it the Ella Emhoff effect: there’s just something extra appealing about bundling up in handmade knitwear right now.

Emily Dawn Long “A Hat Named Wanda” cotton hand crochet knit hat

Frisson Knits “Eddy” vest

Story Mfg. Piece scarf XL

Long-Sleeved Polos

Fitted knit polo shirts are the official uniform of Handsome Movie Stars on Press Junkets for a reason: they’re clean, they’re timeless, they make your biceps pop.

COS long-sleeved merino polo shirt

Todd Snyder long sleeve tipped sweater polo

Bright Yellow

A little squeeze of lemon goes a long way.

Adidas Matchbreak Super sneakers

Alex Mill cashmere beanie

Polar Fleece Pants 

Braving subzero temps in the name of outdoor dining? Give your legs a cozy leg up.

Eddie Bauer EBTek fleece pants

Saturdays NYC “Serai” fleece pants

Kapital Maze fleece easy pants

Soft Suits

If you’re going to wear a suit right now, it should probably look like one of these: looser, loucher, and lounge-ier than your typical all-business two-piece.

Post-Imperial “Ikeja” draword-hem upcycled cotton-blend jacket

Post-Imperial “Ikeja” upcycled cotton-blend wide-leg trousers

Homme Plissé Issey Miyake tailored pleats double-breasted blazer

Homme Plissé Issey Miyake tailored pleats straight 1 trouser

Lemaire silk double-breasted belted blazer (was $1110, now 50% off)

Lemaire silk belted pleat trousers (was $1000, now 50% off)

Patchwork Shirts

There are so few opportunities to put on a button-up these days, you might as well wear five at once.

Uniqlo flannel checked long-sleeve shirt

Beams Plus patchwork paisley-print cotton-poplin shirt

Drake’s multi-check patchwork brushed cotton two-pocket work shirt


Reports of denim’s demise were greatly exaggerated. After a year spent mainly in sweats, the occasional pair of jeans will feel downright novel.

Levi’s 501 original fit jeans

Orslow 107 slim-fit selvedge denim jeans

JW Anderson patchwork-effect jeans

Advanced Clogs

You’ve conquered the Birkenstock Boston. It’s time to level up.

Jacquemus nubuck Les Mules shoes

Japanese Work Coats

The function and toughness of a Carhartt jacket, the ease and simplicity of a cardigan.

Oil & Lumber noragi work coat

Maharishi kimono chore jacket

Kapital “Kawashi” beach knit cardigan