Meet The 4 Black Designers Previewing New Collections On The ESSENCE Fashion House Runway

The return of ESSENCE Fashion House is just days away and we’ve got so much in store as we prepare to bring you a glorious celebration of all things Black fashion like no other.

In addition to thought-provoking conversations and a showroom full of apparel and accessories from Black-owned brands to shop, four talented Black designers will be on hand to preview their latest collections on the runway. Keep scrolling to get familiar with Eclecticist designer Dani O, Arc of Andre designer Andre Moses, LAVNTG designer Megan Carter and Graycale Designer B.J. Gray.

Eclecticist designer Dani O is making quite the name for herself as a fearlessly talented creative with a knack for fun, flirty, flowy designs that effortlessly combine bold prints with signature fabrics that result in looks perfect for the chic fashionista who loves a little flair. We can’t wait to see what she sends down the runway at ESSENCE Fashion House, but in the meantime, be sure to check out her latest collections over at

Grayscale designer B.J. Gray is redefining gender-neutral luxury fashion one stunning look at a time. A quick scroll through his IG and you’ll fall in love with the way we elevates everything from classic pantsuits to short sets to statement jackets by meshing trends like color-blocking, monochrome and staple prints into a single design to create head-turning masterpieces like no other. He’s sure to pull out all the stops when he premieres his newest collection on the ESSENCE Fashion House runway and we’re beyond ready. Be sure to visit for a look at his latest.

LAVNTG designer Megan Carter is taking vintage fashion to the next level in the name of authenticity, with designs that ooze originality, bold self-expression and unapologetic confidence. It’s all in the details with Cater’s designs, which feature, daring silhouettes, show-stopping cutouts, and eclectic color schemes. She’s bound to leave a lasting imprint on the ESSENCE Fashion House runway, but first, head over to check out her latest collection.

Arc of Andre designer Andre Moses has found the perfect formula for marrying clean lines and simplistic designs with beautifully crafted detail and color combinations that are easy on the eyes, yet a breath of fresh air for the soul. We can’t wait to see his latest designs hit the ESSENCE Fashion House runway, but first, be sure to head over to