Lisa Eldridge Liquid Lurex eyeshadows

Lisa Eldridge Liquid Lurex eyeshadows

I am a massive fan of liquid sparkly makeup and two days before receiving my LE eye shadows, enthused by the holiday spirit, I shot a roundup of some of my favorite sparkly shimmery eye shadows. It didn’t end well. My eyes have been itchy, watery, sore since, and the reel I shot didn’t get saved. But I DID get some pretty pictures out of that exercise which had everyone DMing me about the eye shadow details.

About the Lisa Eldridge Liquid Lurex eye shadows (from the website) These easy-to-use eye embellishments will see you through the party season and beyond. With a flattering formula that is both creamy and lightweight, the Liquid Lurex Eyeshadow has a lustrous, wet-look finish with a durable shine that disco diva dreams are made of. Each of the five effortlessly blendable shades contains a mirrorball blend of multi-colored pearls that dance across the lids. Apply Liquid Lurex directly to the eyelids with the applicator and blend out immediately with fingertips or a brush for a sparkling wash of color. For more intense coverage apply a second layer for seamless full coverage disco drama. Liquid Lurex can also be used as an eyeliner either using a small liner brush or blended as a smoky line along the upper and lower lash line for a subtle flash of shimmering color.

Available here at £19 each.

So today, when I saw my little LE package, I wasn’t particularly excited, having categorized the new liquid lurex in the same general category of liquid sparkly eye shadows. I am happy to report that these are unlike anything else I have tried in the past! The formula is dense, uniform (I don’t like eyeshadows where the particles are unevenly distributed in the medium), and applies smoothly like silk. When you touch it, it doesn’t feel gritty AT ALL and YET, it gives that beautiful multi-dimensional sparkle, which thus far, only chunky, itch-inducing sparkly eye shadows have given me so far.

These don’t dry out very quickly either, which can be good or bad. You have some time to play with them before they ‘set’, but even as they set, they don’t give that dry, crepe-y, tight feeling to the eyelids. It didn’t bother me when I was 22 (I’m looking at you, MAC Paint Pots) but at 32, it does. I want my makeup to feel comfortable. And glamorous. And this does both!

With these liquid lurex eye shadows, Lisa has forever changed the liquid sparkly eyeshadow game for me! My collection thus far has the Pixi fairy light liquid, Stila, Wet n Wild liquid catsuit, Colourpop Supernova, Etude House Mirrorholic, but I don’t think I’ll be needing those anymore!

So if you’re in the market for smooth, non-gritty sparkle for the holiday season that has your lids sparkling like an expensive bauble, do consider these! I bought Angelica which is like dusty pink-toned champagne on my medium complexion (I’m no.17 in the LE Seamless Skin foundation) and Lauren which is a rich, molten yellow gold. There are 3 other shades in the range and I hope she considers expanding the range to include some more plums, purples, and jewel-toned shades!

Image: Angelica on top, Lauren on bottom

Image : Wearing Lauren on my lids here

What do you think of these? Would you be giving these a try? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! x

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