“LG VS IFB” Which One is Better in India


LG and IFB are the two most prominent brands in India. They arrive in an assortment of types. The new innovations and included highlights in washing machines have made the life of families a lot simpler than it was 10 years prior. 

Right now, am surveying two of the best Washing machine brands in India. i.e LG washing machines versus IFB washing Machines. 

It will assist you with settling on a superior choice at whatever point you need to buy the best washing machine. 


The LG and IFB are both brands of washing machines that have stood the test of time. They are both known to be reliable washing machines, and come with various advantages. However, due to the competition between them, they have each made a number of improvements over the last few years to give them an edge against each other.

The IFB washing machines are more affordable than the LG washing machines; they also have a longer lifespan and have better customer support, whereas the LG washing machines have an easy access door, a longer warranty period, and a better design than the IFB washing machines. The LG washing machines are also a lot quieter than the IFB washing machines.

The customer reviews have generally been positive for the LG washing machines because of their durability and efficiency. However, they are slightly more expensive than the IFB, but most people agree that they are worth the additional cost.

The IFB washing machines are not as durable as the LG washing machine but they are good value for money because of their affordability. They are also generally more efficient at washing clothes than the LG washing machines. Most of the customers who have purchased the IFB washing machines have been satisfied with them because of their affordability, their ease of use and their efficiency in washing clothes.

IFB Washing Machines

IFB is viewed as a world-class and very much presumed brand. With the design of front-load washing machines alongside top-load, it has topped the market. Its washing machines are involving around 40% of the market in India alone. 

Smart Laundry Machine 

IFB has likewise named its front loaders as savvy loaders since they assist you with doing your clothing insightfully. It deals with your good needs.

All the earth, flotsam, and jetsam, microbes, or your pet hair are right away expelled. The shrewd innovation further assists with sparing power.

Smart loaders accompany a power indent framework to protect the machine from power changes in India. I have seen these washing machines as extremely valuable. 

Numbers of Washing Modes available

Besides, IFB utilizes German innovation to offer a wide scope of washing styles. It remembers new and basic highlights for its front loaders, for example, 

  1. 360-degree Wash 
  2. O-2 Wash 
  3. Support Wash 
  4. Air Bubble Wash 
  5. Steam Wash 

The 360-degree water discharge system at 360 degrees inside the drum. Its movement ensures that garments are uniformly doused.

The O2 wash is planned in such a way as to deliver air pockets to give a perfect wash. Support wash is valuable for sensitive clothes so they can without much of a stretch be washed at home.

Steam wash creates steam inside the drum to keep your texture delicate and sans wrinkle. 

Water Energy Technology

IFB has explicitly produced this water vitality innovation to change over hard water into delicate soft water. As this is a typical issue in India, I am extremely happy to see that a washing machine brand has tended to this issue. 

Numerous models from IFB have this element worked in. It separates bicarbonates in hard water into fine gems. It likewise initiates the cleanser.

I have seen that this innovation helps spare the texture a great deal and keep it smooth and durable. I am certain you will be glad to put resources into this part. 

Other Significant Features 

  1. Washing time is less when contrasted with other well-known brands, for example, LG or Samsung. 
  2. Fast Wash usefulness settles on it a superior decision. 
  3. The fast and variable recurrence 1400-rpm drive motors win against different contenders. 
  4. The motors are load customizable. 

LG Washing Machines

Without a doubt, the South Korean brand is perhaps the greatest name in the machine business. It is all around presumed in India too.

Everywhere throughout the nation, users are very happy with the after-deals administrations they give.

LG washing machines make 32% of the market, so the pace of procurement is similarly not exactly IFB. 

Seeing user surveys and offered highlights, their washing machines are a generally excellent alternative to consider. 

Top Loading or Front Loading 

As indicated by the smash hit washing machines at Amazon.in, there is certifiably not a solitary LG front-loaded Washing machine in the top 10.

Notwithstanding, LG is well known disconnected essentially because of its immediate drive innovation. 

Top loaded machines, then again, have a lot of good highlights. LG has joined numerous new advancements, particularly in its Fully automated top-loaded washing machines. 

Included Various Motion Styles

  1. Tumbling 
  2. Swinging
  3. Rolling
  4. Scouring

In certain machines, there are even up to six movement styles. It improves the washing ability and ensures that you get cleaner and milder cloths. 

Auto Restart

Practically the entirety of LG’s washing machines incorporates the auto-restart include.

As LG produces highlights concentrated on the Indian market, it has worked in auto-restart as a result of the power cuts that can upset your entire clothing. 

Twin-wash Technology

LG has presented another element called Twin-wash in its washing machines which have not been duplicated by some other brand yet.

It includes the utilization of two separate drums for washing, the main drum, and the scaled-down drum. It gives expanded effectiveness by isolating the washing space. 

Steam Allergen Cycle

Numerous LG washing machines these days incorporate the steam allergen cycle, which experiences 3 stages…  Allergen Sanitization, Allergen Dissolution, and Allergen Removal to ensure there is no normal allergen left.

Where to buy LG and IFB washing machines?

If you’re willing to buy a new or refurbished washing machine, you can also buy them through online retailers. 

Competitive pricing is often available online, so it is worth shopping around for the best price before you buy. 

Here’s all the stores you can buy LG and IFB Washing Machines.

Conclusion: LG vs IFB Washing Machine

As you have now inspected both the brands of washing machines and their mechanical developments that suit best to the Indian market, you can without much of a stretch pick the one that meets your requirements.

On the off chance that IFB wins in cost and front-load choices, LG is evaluated better for its quality and innovation.

Along these lines, both functions admirably for your family unit needs.

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