Kelly Osbourne on Her Pregnancy Diet, Cutting Out Sugar and Resetting Her Mood

Kelly Osbourne on Her Pregnancy Diet, Cutting Out Sugar and Resetting Her Mood

First-time mom Kelly Osbourne recently gave birth and, as the 37-year-old shared with us, part of her pregnancy journey involved making some serious tweaks to her diet—including taking a look at her relationship with refined sugar—all of which resulted in her feeling happier, healthier and more energetic.

Lifestyle Tweaks:

When I first found out I was pregnant, I thought I would have the type of pregnancy where I could eat whatever I wanted. I started to gain a lot of weight quickly and my feet began to swell up. That is when I found out I had gestational diabetes and had to completely change my lifestyle! Now, I have cut out refined sugar altogether and have lost 10 pounds! I feel better than ever and I have tons of energy. I feel happy and healthy!

Partnering Up:

I have loved No Sugar Company’s Fudge Brownie Keto Cups! They are SO delicious you wouldn’t believe they are sugar-free. I have recently partnered with the brand and its CEO Brad Woodgate for National No Sugar Day to encourage everyone to live a healthier life. The brand truly makes it easier to satisfy my sweet cravings, they have tons of sweet treats and snacks that are healthy and have zero sugar!

No Sugar Company/Phil Farone

Light-Bulb Moment:

I found it super interesting that a lot of restaurants and brands that claim to be healthy or organic actually have tons of refined sugars in their products. That was one of the things I had learned when talking to Brad—that companies have gotten good at concealing refined sugar in their ingredients because there are so many different types of names for refined sugars. It was really eye-opening to me.

Self-Care Essentials:

I love taking a bit of alone time for myself. Life can get so hectic and busy and I think it’s nice to stop and appreciate all of the wonderful things around you. Sitting outside or listening to new music really relaxes me and resets my mood.