‘Jeopardy!’ Star Buzzy Cohen Had a Lot to Say About Contestant Who Beat Amy Schneider

Attention Jeopardy!, Buzzy Cohen would like to have the chance to defend his iconic fashion style.

It all began on January 26, hours before Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider’s historic winning streak came to a shocking end. For her 41st game, the California-based engineering manager competed against Janice Hawthorne Timm and Rhone Talsma. Jeopardy! contestant Rhone had announced on his Twitter that he would be appearing on the quiz show and was excited about this accomplishment. “You can watch me on @Jeopardy! 💜” he wrote. “After five years of taking the online test, I finally got to live out my dream 🥺.”

Before the librarian from Chicago took the stage though, Jeopardy! legend Buzzy came across his tweet, and he had plenty to say about Rhone’s outfit. For his debut, Rhone chose to wear a brown long-sleeve shirt with a mock turtleneck and circular neon-yellow glasses. This attention-grabbing ensemble made the 2017 Tournament of Champions winner immediately stop in his tracks.

“Any time someone wears an outstanding garment or accessory (like these glasses) I should be given 1:00 of air time to offer a rebuttal and defend my title as Jeopardy!’s Official Dandy. @Jeopardy @embassydavies,” Buzzy wrote in a retweet. Within seconds, Rhone saw Buzzy’s tweet and immediately tried to set the record straight. “I’ve got nothing on you, Mr. Cohen! You’re the blueprint! I guess I’m the yellowprint?” Rhone wrote.

But shortly after, Buzzy confessed that Rhone might be making him sweat just a little bit. “You do. You do,” he replied.

Over in the comments section, fans of Jeopardy! and Buzzy started debating over who wore it best. Meanwhile, some quipped that Buzzy’s fashion sense may just be that influential. “Clearly you have inspired a movement. He’s not competition, he’s an acolyte! 👓,” one person wrote. “No one could ever replace you, so don’t worry!” a different fan said. “You’re still number one in my book ☝🏼. The OG, if you will,” another added.

Speaking with Vulture, Rhone explained why he chose to wear the statement piece. “I wish they had a cooler story, but I bought them from an Instagram ad for an online glasses company called Nihao Optical,” he told the outlet. “I have a lot of accessories in this color, so I thought, Why not? I took a risk, and the second I put them on, I was like, This is the look! It’s my new signature look!”

What’s more, he also credited his spectacles for earning him a spot on the show. “I do feel like they got me there, on some level. It’s a nice way to stand out.” As Jeopardy! viewers know, Rhone beat Amy after he gained on her earnings and correctly answered Final Jeopardy!. The super champion won 40 straight games and gained a total of $1,382,800. Though Rhone lost the following day, his look is surely going down in Jeopardy! history.

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