How To Use eBay To Create the Home Cinema of Your Dreams


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Whether you’re a movie buff, sports fanatic or just want a way to enjoy the latest video games in crisp 4K with high-fidelity sound, you’ll need a home entertainment setup equal to the task.

For years, people have either paid retail price for their televisions, speakers, streaming sets, media players and projectors (taking a serious financial hit in the process), or they’ve waited for a major sales event like Black Friday, when everyone else is also looking to buy those big-ticket items.

Well, it turns out there’s a better way. A way you can save money and get the items you want — without having to wait half a year or camp out on a sidewalk. Your secret weapon in the battle for better prices on home entertainment gear? eBay.

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eBay isn’t all about auctions of used goods hosted by private individuals across the world. Brands and trusted sellers have been listing brand-new items at flat, buy-now prices for years, and it’s not uncommon to find steep discounts on otherwise expensive pieces like televisions and high-end projectors. 

Here’s how and why you should use eBay to give your home cinema experience a massive upgrade while still sticking to a budget that won’t rock your finances.

Get the Best Price by Browsing eBay’s TV, Video & Home Audio Selection

We’re not asking you to wait six months, but if you spend an hour a day browsing eBay’s TV, Video & Home Audio section, sorting deals by New, we guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you see listed after less than a week of searching.

Just pick the product category you’re interested in, scroll down to the listing section, and then choose Condition: New as a filter while also sorting by Newly Listed. 

How To Use eBay To Create the Home Cinema of Your Dreams
Image: eBay

If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can dramatically narrow down your search, as eBay gives you the power to filter by multiple variables:

  • Screen Size
  • Brand
  • Maximum Resolution
  • Smart TV Features 
  • Refresh Rate
  • Display Technology
  • Price

If you have a clear idea of what range of screen size or what brand you’re interested in, you can definitely add those as filters, but we recommend going in with an open mind, especially if you’re looking for the best deal. 

In just our brief time browsing, we saw brand new televisions from Sony, Samsung and LG discounted between 10% and 40% off their usual retail price.

Case in point: this 65” Smart TV from LG, which boasts a 120 Hz refresh rate, USB 2.0 connectivity and an ultra-sharp OLED display panel and is regularly listed for $2,400 on big-box retailer sites, is available for under $1,450 on eBay!

If you’re looking for a massive set with the latest tech so you can enjoy your favorite sports with friends or experience the very best viewing experience watching blockbuster movies, check out this 75” Samsung QN75QN900A QLED TV. It’s ultra-thin, perfect for wall mounting, features a super-fast 120 Hz refresh rate, true 8K resolution with over 33 million pixels, and the ability to upscale content to 8K. It’s currently listed at under $3,300, 16% off its best online price but nearly $1,000 cheaper than its listing on some competitors’ websites. 

Because every listing lasts only as long as the seller’s supply, these might have expired by the time you’re reading this, but that’s part of the beauty of this approach: new deals are added constantly, and if you’re persistent in your search, you’ll get what you need at the price you want. 

Take Advantage of eBay’s Limited Time Deals

Image: eBay

eBay’s Limited Time Deals are exactly what they sound like: quantities are in short supply, so you need to jump on a good deal fast. But if you’re on top of your game and know exactly what you want, this is a great way to snag a premium item at a massive discount.

Be aware, however, that some of the items you’ll see will be Certified Refurbished, and while those tend to offer the best discounts, you can still find great deals on brand-new items.

Take the Discounts to the Next Level With Open Box Shopping

If you’re hunting for the best possible price or working within a strict budget, consider filtering by Condition: Open box. Typically, these will be either customer returns or models used in-store for display purposes.

Image: eBay

In the case of televisions, we actually discourage open-box shopping. Often televisions used for display have been left on for many hours or even days of total use, which can diminish their longevity. On the other hand, speakers, streaming boxes, Blu-ray players, and fancy wall mounts are all likely to be as good as new — and heavily discounted owing to their open-box status.

Use eBay’s Watchlist to Compare Prices & Models

Image: eBay

By now, you might be worried that this entire process is very labor- and time-intensive, but thankfully there’s a way to compare your best finds at a glance.

Every time you come across a deal that piques your interest, use eBay’s “Add to Watchlist” button. Once you’ve spent a few days browsing all the items that caught your eye, re-visit your watchlist and compare the makes, models and prices. 

This is especially useful when you’re comparing different television models, as the pros and cons don’t necessarily neatly line up. The largest TV might have a slow refresh rate, while the top display panel might come with a sticker price that’s significantly higher than the next best. Conversely, a small price increase from a budget set might net you a whole lot more screen real estate, plus some essential features you would miss on the cheaper model.   

Shop With Confidence Thanks to eBay’s Money Back Guarantee

Image: eBay

Because eBay has been around forever, and it’s associated with privately hosted auctions, some shoppers might be concerned that it’s not a safe space to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a purchase. 

Totally false!

eBay has gone to great lengths to make shopping on its site, whether from individuals or brands or stores, as safe and secure as possible, and part of that security comes from its Money Back Guarantee. If you didn’t get the item you ordered, and if the seller can’t or won’t resolve the issue first, you get your money back.

There are no special opt-ins, and no extra or hidden fees. eBay will even cover the purchase price and original shipping fees. To find out more, read more about their money back guarantee.

To create your own dream home cinema, while saving money in the process, skip the big-box retailers and crowded semi-annual sales events and take advantage of eBay’s special offers. It’s the easiest way to save money while still getting the latest high-end entertainment gear.

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