How to make Long Beaded Earrings –

Learn how to make long beaded earrings using the simple DIY tutorial! Most beaded earrings are made using wire headpins, but longer designs will have much more movement if you use thread. You can use any type and size of beads, as long as the small bead at the top can fit a jump ring through, as well as the thread.

You will need:

Selection of beads; I’m using size 8 seed beads in Permalux Mint Green, Lilac and Light Pink, Size 8 Pearl Ivory and some 7mm Opaque Bugle beads
Size 12 beading needle
Beading thread, I used Nymo in white
Fishook earrings
5mm jump rings
Beading mat

How to make Long Beaded Earrings

1.Thread 75cm of beading thread onto your beading needle. I’ve poured a selection of my beads onto a flocked beading mat; this makes picking up the small beads on your needle easier.

2. We are going to start at the top of the earrings and work our way down. Pick up 3 seed beads on your needle and slide them down onto your thread. Then go through the first bead you added (so the one furthest away from your needle) again in the same direction.

3.Pull tight and the beads will form a little triangle!

4.Add two more beads and go back around all the beads again. You should have a square of beads with one single bead at the top, with the thread coming out of the bottom of the “square”.

5.Now to add your dangles! You can choose any beads that you like; I went for a random mix of size 8 seed beads and 7mm bugle beads. Thread on as many beads until it is the length you want. Mine measure about 6.5cm.

6.Skip the last bead you added, then take your needle back up through the rest of the beads. You might need to do this in a couple of stages, depending on the length of your needle and how many beads you have on.

7.Take the needle all the way through the beads at the top until your thread is coming out of the other side, ready to add more beads.

8.Thread on the beads for your second dangle. I made this side slightly shorter at about 5.5cm.

9.Again, skip the last bead added and thread back up through the beads.

10.You should end up with the main thread coming out of one side and the tail coming out of the other.

11.To tie off the thread, take your needle underneath the little “bridge” of thread next to the single bead at the top.

12.Pull the thread through until you have a small loop left. Then take the needle through this loop and pull to create a half hitch knot.

13. Take the needle through the single bead at the top, down the bead dangle for a few beads, then make another knot by going under the thread already there and taking the needle through the loop. Finish by going through a few more beads, then trim off the excess. Thread the needle onto the tail end and repeat from step 11.

14. Repeart all steps to make your second earring.

15.To add the fishhook, open a 5mm jump ring using your chain-nose pliers, and slide it through the top single bead. Add on your fishhook by the small loop and close. Take a look at this post on using jump rings if you are unsure!

16.Thats how to make long beaded earrings! You can completely change the style of these earrings by using different beads. For example, I created another pair using size 8 seed beads in galvanised silver and some 3mm faceted Czech glass beads.

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