How to look stunning on your wedding day.

How to look stunning on your wedding day.

The date is set, the venue is booked, the catering is all arranged, and all the least favorite relatives have been placed at all the most faraway tables. Your dress and suit are tailored, pressed, and waiting to be worn, and you can’t wait for your wedding day to arrive! All that remains now is to ensure that your look comes together as flawlessly as possible on the day. You need your hair to compliment your dress, your eye makeup to compliment your eyes, and your shoes to keep you upright as you walk down the aisle. Looking gorgeous on your big day is the last thing that you have to worry about before you head into the ceremony and tie the knot to your one and only. Then it’s on to dinner, dancing, and hopefully, a long life of wedded bliss! We’ve taken the stress out of the lead-up to the wedding by putting together a list of the things you need to do to ensure that your look is as flawless as everything else when the time comes. Here are our top tips for looking stunning on your wedding day.

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Now, this is a rule to live by, but it is particularly important in the days leading up to your wedding when stress is likely running rampant through your body. The stress – causing you to sweat – and the constant activity of getting everything ready can easily lead you to forget to drink water and become dehydrated. Dehydration causes dry, tight and wrinkly-looking skin, irritability, and headaches; all things you want no part of when you’ve got a room full of people watching you! Even if you have to set your alarm to remind yourself to drink water, ensure that you stay hydrated at all times.

Stay Out of the Sun

Tempting though it may be to take a well-deserved break at the beach when all your I’s are dotted, and all your T’s are crossed, we advise against this until after your nuptials. One too-long nap or one spot of missed sunscreen can spell disaster for both your skin and your overall look on your wedding day. If it’s a tan you’re after, we advise getting a spray tan at a professional salon or only using fake tan products that are tried and tested. Visit the salon a month in advance for a trial spray, and don’t overdo it on the day.

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Plan Your Makeup Early

Finding a makeup artist who understands what you want for your bridal look and how to execute it can be a challenge. We advise that you start auditioning potential MUAs long before you think you need to – and be sure to book a trial application with each of them. That way there’s no last-minute stress about the look or who is going to be creating it. The same goes for hair.

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Eat Well

This is another rule to live by, but again, it is especially important leading up to your wedding. If you want glowing skin, no breakouts, and shining healthy hair, as well as to feel at your best to get maximum enjoyment out of your day, you have to eat well. We know time will be short, and the occasional takeout night isn’t anything you should worry about, but try to be conscientious in general. Even if you need to order ready meals or purchase premade salad and protein options from your grocery store, make sure you have healthy food to eat and eat regularly.

Sleep Well

We know you’ll be all of a flutter in the weeks and the nights leading up to your wedding, but it’s never been more important to get enough good, deep sleep. Lack of sleep, like dehydration, can lead to you looking haggard and being extremely irritable. This is supposed to be one of the happiest times in your life, so ensure that you’re well-rested enough to be in command of your emotions and enjoy all the exciting things going on around you.

Invest in Skincare In Advance

Sadly, if you’re already close enough to your wedding day to count the hours you have left to wait, it’s too late to invest in skincare. You need to be looking after your skin properly, treating it with what your type of skin needs, for months (we say always) to have the best possible skin when you need it the most. Makeup and skincare are best friends and work best when they work together! Skincare includes any supplements that you might need to balance out whatever you’re lacking. Leading up to the actual day, invest in some masks that will offer your skin an extra boost.

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Wrap Up

If you pay attention to all these tips and apply them all at the right time, there’s no question that you’ll look like a million bucks on your wedding day. Congratulations!

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