Gift Guide: Lighting Solutions for Beaders and Metalsmiths

Gift Guide: Lighting Solutions for Beaders and Metalsmiths

There is no doubt that good lighting makes it easier to make beautiful beadwork and jewelry. With bright lighting, you can match colors and see essential details. Show your favorite beader or metalsmith you care while brightening their day. We are here to shed some light on top lighting gifts for you and the other makers on your list, for a variety of different preferences and applications.

Above: A goldsmith using a desk lamp while working. Photo courtesy of Getty images.

Carson NeckLight
The Carson NeckLight allows you to bring your light anywhere.

Lighting to Wear

The Carson NeckLight hands-free light is great for times when you need extra light focused on your work. Or you can use it to read-up on techniques wherever you are. Do you know a beader who likes to stitch in front of the TV or around the campfire? Boom. It has two light modes for different light preferences. About $20.

Daylight UnoLamp Clamp
Daylight UnoLamp Clamp with flexible arm and versatile clamp.

Portable Task Lighting

See every color as if you are in natural daylight with the UnoLamp Clamp. We love its flexible arm that points bright light on your work surface. This version has a clamp that you can easily attach to your studio bench or table—or take it along to a workshop. Four brightness levels. About $60.

GemOro Horizon 2 LED Grading Lamp
There are four Kelvin settings on the GemOro Horizon 2 LED Grading Lamp.

Grade Gemstones

Grade gemstones with different intensity light for true colors of diamonds, gemstones, pearls, and jewelry enhancements using this grading lamp. It is easy to pack for travel and even has a built-in USB port for charging your device. About $100.

OttLite Ultimate 3-in-1 Craft Lamp
OttLite Ultimate 3-in-1 Craft Lamp looks stylish and adapts to a variety of heights.

Choose Your Lighting Adventure

This illuminated magnifier, lamp, and clip combo transforms from clamp-on to tabletop to floor lamp for maximum flexibility. It also has a charging outlet so you can charge your phone or watch a video while you work. About $200.

Craft Optics Rechargeable DreamBeam 3 Light
Interweave Content Director Tamara Honaman swears by the Craft Optics Rechargeable DreamBeam 3 Light.

Shine Bright

Once you have tried CraftOptics, you cannot go back to regular old reading glasses. And the DreamBeam 3 Light is next level, with bright light exactly where you are looking. It attaches to the center of your CraftOptics. No shadows and no hands in the way means you can see details better than ever before. About $300.

Daylight Gemini Jewelry Light
Daylight Gemini provides bright light for working and recording.

Light Your Videos

We used the Daylight Gemini at Bead Fest 2022 and appreciated the bright, repositionable lights and cell phone holder for taking selfies and making videos. But it would also be very convenient at your workspace, whether that is a studio situation or over near your favorite chair. It comes with a carrying case so you can take your show on the road. About $320.

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