Four Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands We’re Shopping this Earth Day

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Let’s acknowledge the obvious: Shopping isn’t exactly the most planet-friendly activity. From production to shipping, anything you acquire comes with a footprint. But that doesn’t mean all things are equal. Hauls of microplastic-packed and exploited-worker-stitched fast fashion garments you’ll wear once before they fall apart and land in the trash are objectively worse than investing in sustainably and ethically made items that will last for a while. In other words, if you want to shop (and we kinda do) look for brands that are trying to make a positive impact. Here are a few greener goods we have our eye on this Earth Day.

4Earth by Blowfish Malibu Shoes

The 4Earth collection by Blowfish Malibu is made from recycled plastic bottles recovered from the ocean. Since launching in 2020, the line has already recycled a pretty staggering 1 million bottles – and the company has donated more than $100,000 to conversation org Oceana. The current range includes eight silhouettes; our faves include the faux-suede sandal Fae and strappy Marine.

Cactus Leather Collection by Everlane

Just in time for Earth Day, the popular basics brand dropped a new handbag and accessories line made out of Desserto cactus leather. The super-sustainable vegan material shows up as a hobo purse, sling bag, and two totes, each available in a selection of appealing, earthy colors. It’s not Everlane’s first foray into more eco-friendly accessories, either. The brand also offers a collection made of recycled polyester and has eliminated 90 percent of virgin plastic use from their entire supply chain.

Levi’s Fresh Collection

A classic pair of Levi’s jeans is always a good bet for something that you’ll wear for the long-haul, and now the brand is getting even more eco-friendly with its new Fresh Collection. The jackets, jeans, tees, dresses, and even bucket hats, are owe their sherbet-like colors to botanical, non-toxic dyes. And it’s not just about looks. The garments are also crafted using a less water-intensive process than traditional denim production and Levi’s said it has committed to “conserve energy and reduce reliance on pollutive synthetics.”

FLOAT Ultralight by Girlfriend Collective

Looking to add some new lightweight leggings or bike shorts to your rotation? Pop over to Girlfriend Collective to snap up colorful selections from their FLOAT Ultralight collection. The special warm-weather-ready fabric is made from recycled plastic – about 17 plastic bottles per pair of leggings, in fact. Wear them over and over and, when they finally start to fall apart, the brand will accept them back and recycle them yet again.

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