Flutter Your Lashes – A LITTLE OBSESSED

Flutter Your Lashes – A LITTLE OBSESSED

*This post is in conjunction with Boots UK but all thoughts are my own*

When it comes to beauty and makeup there are two things I love and think make a big difference but have a bad rep for being too difficult and too prone to accidents; fake tan and false lashes. Now I absolutely love both and don’t think either deserve the rep they get but today we’re going to be talking about the latter; fake lashes. 

When talking about false lashes there is one brand that I automatically think of, Ardell and their famous Wispies and there is a reason for that! 

They have a beautifully thin clear band which is flexible and easily moulded to the lash line, if you’ve ever used a lash with a thicker band you know just how difficult it can be! They’re affordable, lightweight and come in different shapes and lengths so you can pick the perfect ones for your eye shape and makeup look. 

I personally prefer a slightly more natural false lash, I like the added definition and a little length but nothing too heavy that closes the eye too much. The Demi Wispies are a big favourite of mine but the range has some absolutely perfect lashes! 

Once I have chosen the right lash for me, I think it’s always nice to trim them. Some people may be able to skip this step but I think most people do need to trim their lashes a little. I like to always cut from the outer corner as it’s important to keep the inner corner short. I like to measure the lash on my eye without glue just to see how much I need to remove. 

When applying the glue I make sure I cover the whole band and pay special attention to the ends. One of the things which can really be a game changer when applying lashes is remembering that you need to wait for the glue to go tacky on the lash before you attempt to apply it, I usually wait just over 30 seconds. If the glue is too wet the lash will slip around your lid and not adhere. 

I then use either my fingers or a pair of tweezers to position the lash in the middle of my lash line and then just tuck the corners in. I try to avoid going to close into the inner corner as this area is a little sensitive and can look less natural. I then apply a little pressure using either my fingers or the side of the tweezers until the glue is dry. 

A quick tip to consider which often works for me is to look down into a mirror when applying your lashes and to not close your eyes, this seems to make positioning that little bit easier. 

Also, don’t forget that these lashes can be reused, so hold onto the box and be careful when you remove them so as to not damage them.

I’ve really rediscovered my love for false lashes recently, they have a great way of making me feel a little better and with party season coming up I think I’m going to be wearing them significantly more. Ardell Lashes are available at Boots and there is a whole range so you’ll definitely find the ones to sort your eye and style, key ones to check out include the Ardell Demi Wispies (which I am wearing), Ardell Natural Lashes and Ardell Naked Lashes.

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