Finding The Perfect Ring! | Gehna Blog

Finding The Perfect Ring! | Gehna Blog

Buying a ring that fits perfectly is the ultimate dream and many get it wrong especially while shopping online. Gehna’s ring sizer will help you make the best choice every single time. Whether it is a thin gold band or a gem-studded eternity ring, shopping online with Gehna is easy and a true joy.


Once you’ve picked out your ring of choice on our website and you’re not very sure of your ring size, simply click on the “Don’t know your ring size” option and fill in your address and contact details to get your free and convenient ring sizer delivered to your doorstep.


Once delivered, you can try on the different ring sizes on the ring sizer on the finger of your preference. The ring that fits you snugly, not too tight and not too loose, is the one for you. Note down the numbers inscribed on the ring marker, for example: India Size 7 which is 1.51cm in diameter and classified as a US Size 4 1/4. Use these numbers to place your order on our website.


We also have a few quick tips for your next day of shopping. Consider a size larger if a ring with a wide band catches your fancy and as with all wearable items; sizes vary by country so be sure to double check with the listed options.


If you don’t have the time to wait for your ring sizer to be delivered, you can also use our simple ring guide. There are two easy ways you can follow to determine your ring size with this guide.

The first way is to pick out a ring that you already own that fits you perfectly. The ring should fit the wearing finger snug and shouldn’t slide down with movement. Take this ring and place it against a ruler to measure the inner diameter, this can be measured in centimetres or inches. Compare your measurement with the table below and voila! It’s time to shop. Pick out your favourite ring from our extensive ring collection.

The second way to find your perfect ring size is just as easy. Avid ring lovers might consider keeping a print out of the below ring chart to make their evening shopping sprees even easier. Once printed on an A4 size sheet of paper, this chart can be your guide for a quick and efficient way to find your ring size. Simply place a ring that you already own that fits you perfectly on the circle that matches most closely. The inner lines of your ring should merge with the outer line of the circle, this is your ideal ring size. If you feel you are in-between two sizes, always buy the bigger size. However, Gehna is known for custom-made jewellery so contact us to make a specific size or design.

Your ring selection can now begin, add your favourite gem studded creation or a solitaire diamond with a glowing gold band to your cart now!

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