Filipinos Do Photo Shoot for “Proof of Package Delivery”; Taking It to the Next Level

Online shopping has been a trend since the pandemic hit. There are apps available for each online shopping site and thousands of people, especially from the Philippines, have been ordering products thru the apps. They say it is more convenient and affordable since the products are shipped from their respective factories.

As of late, online shoppers will know that the delivery drivers will have to take a photo of the package receiver for proof that the goods have reached their proper destination.

In the Philippines, some drivers and receivers have taken this (supposedly) ordinary step to a whole new level, turning a mundane delivery into a hilarious photoshoot.

The photos that are now viral on social media show package receivers “posing” with their items while the delivery men take a picture with their mobile phones.

This fun and hilarious trend started late last year.

According to GMA news online, one online shopper named Joyceeh Epino even prepared a backdrop for the “proof of delivery” photoshoot.

She explained to GMA that she always ends up frustrated when her package arrives because she was unprepared for the photoshoot. This time she added a backdrop and made sure she was ready for the photo-taking session.

A very good reason for this trend is to be able to “[spread] love and good vibes” during this time of the pandemic, she added.

According to TripZilla, a photo of Facebook user named John Carlo Ison holding his Zalora package that was shared on his account garnered 39,000 shares.

Proof that Filipinos choose to be hilarious and enjoy having fun amidst this devastating pandemic.