Customer Rewards And Loyalty Program Examples


Amazon Prime

Far and away the most well-known and widely used eCommerce company is Amazon. It’s no great secret that the online shopping giant is good at attracting customers. In fact, there are currently almost 150 million Amazon Prime members in the United States. Their loyalty program, Amazon Prime, is a paid access type of platform.

The reason that Prime is so successful is because of the benefits that it offers its members. For example, Prime members get free expedited shipping, rapid grocery delivery, extensive discounts and coupons, as well as video and music streaming services. While it might seem difficult to build a small business rewards by emulating a loyalty program example from a company like Amazon, there are nonetheless some important takeaways that can be learned from looking at their model. 

In any event, if you’re going to charge your clientele membership fees for your rewards program you must make it obviously worth their while. Considering the speed and convenience of Amazon Prime’s free shopping and the many other benefits they offer, Amazon is providing their customers with truly outstanding service. Remember though, the benefits of the membership should be advantageous both for you to acquire the customer, and for the customer to continue shopping with you. Give them a reason to choose you over your competitor while still looking out for your bottom line and revenue.

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