Cool Experience Gifts That Are Better than Expensive Presents

Many people believe in making special moments with their family and friends. If you want to celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones surprise them with something innovative. The experience gifts are becoming very popular in UAE. If you like to have adventures and explore new things often it will be a much better than expensive presents. These trendy and cool experience gifts will give your loved ones the time of their life. The best thing is that these gifts are designed in such a way that meets the demands of every person. With the Joi Gifts voucher code you can get big discount on the gift sets. Here are some good options available:

Customized 2D Hand & Foot Double Window Frame

The customized 2D hand and foot double window frame is one of the best gift for your loved ones. It features an impression of a palm and foot that looks innovative. By using this frame you can frame quality pictures of your loved ones. You can capture all the special moments in the frame and impress your guests. All the pictures will be seen in a 3D image and will look ethereal.

Hub Zero, Playtown & Green Planet

Let your children experience some of the best by booking your tickets at the Playtown & green planet. It is also the perfect place for those adults who like to have a good gaming experience. You can experience a thrilling family experience like never before. You can purchase the tickets at affordable rates thanks to the Joi gifts voucher code. Hub Zero Dubai is classy as it features a gaming area including eight private booths. It offers a versatile gaming experience for everyone!

Bespoke Shirt Tailoring 

The bespoke shirt tailoring is customized according to the needs of your customers. It is available in white and blue color that will enhance your appeal like never before. You can gift this shirt to your partner and surprise him with something meaningful. If your wedding anniversary is approaching soon it will be the best gift of all time. You can choose a good tie that can complement the color of this shirt.

Canvas Print by Foto Fun 

You can free your phone and fill up the walls of your home with some beautiful memories. The canvas print by Foto fun will help you preserve all your memories. It has now become easy to celebrate all the special moments with your family. This canvas print will allow you to keep the picture collection elegantly. The laser sharp prints will be easy to mount with hands. It is made with premium wood and is a durable choice.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Explorer Experience

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo explorer will give you a lifetime experience. You can spend quality time with your loved ones by taking them out for an adventure. It features one of the largest indoor aquariums. There are a lot of ocean floors and gives you quality experience. Don’t forget to visit and win the Joi gifts voucher code to get a big discount on this explorer experience.