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Twelve Accessories That Will Keep You Ahead Of The Fashion Curve

UNITED STATES—Let’s be honest, us mere mortals are a little bit too busy to have our fingers constantly on the pulse of fashion and as such we can tend to miss out on the trends as they come and go with alarming regularity.

Some of these trends may be little more than a passing fad and others seem a step too far. This summer a lot of the big trends are with an eye to comfort and ease of use, this is no doubt a nod to the tough time we’ve been having of it lately with the pandemic.

Usually fashion trends are based far more on form over function but it seems in 2021 those who decide what’s in and what’s out are trying their hardest to make it easy for us mere mortals to keep up with trends AND retain a sense of calm and casualness. 


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WATCH NOW: Charis Jones expands her Richmond-based Sassy Jones jewelry and accessory business by adding a clothing line | Business News

“Our customers were taking our boldly printed scarves and making halter tops and skirts and boleros out of them. They’re wearing them like clothes,” she said. “So it’s really literally just giving the people what they want.”

Sassy Jones began testing different designs and hired its first fashion designer in December. Since then, the team has grown to five designers.

Jones is involved in the creative process, advising on styles and designs and selecting fabrics for each look.

“My accessories and beauty line has always been focused on bold pops of color, unique pieces and quality materials — and those same concepts shine through in my fashion line,” she said. “At the core, the collection helps women boost their self-confidence in whatever they put on.”

The Sassy Jones ready-to-wear collection is going to change the face of fashion, said Amanda Campbell, who was hired as the company’s first fashion designer.

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8 Accessory Trends You’ll Want to Be Seen in Come Fall

We may still be basking in the sweltering summer heat, but the fashion editor inside of me is already thinking forward to the exciting fall season ahead, specifically to the clothes and accessories I should be investing in now that will carry me through the upcoming months in utmost style.

One of the easiest ways to transition into the new season is with a chic accessory—one that can amp up your summer outfit and give it a trendy fall spin. Below, I’m sharing some of the biggest accessory trends that caught our eye from the fall 2021 collections that you’ll undoubtedly want to be spotted in this upcoming season. From puffy pillow-like bags to oversize shades and chic hair scarves, these are the types of accessories you can add to your cart today and slowly integrate into your wardrobe between now and fall. Get ahead of the fashion curve,

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TikToker Dissects the Weird Fashion of the Early ’00s in Viral Videos

What’s old is eventually new again, so it’s not much of a surprise that the fashion of the early 2000s is finally having its moment in the limelight. But amid the highs of Y2K fashion are, as one TikToker highlighted, the era’s many, many questionable lows.

The fact that bad fashion choices exist within a specific fashion era isn’t exactly a new thing; you could just as easily comb through the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s and find just as many faux pas. But in recent months, thanks to both TikTok and Gen Z, the nostalgia for Y2K and early aughts is strong. You don’t have to go far to find people making rings out of beads, wearing crop tops, listening to everything from old Avril Lavigne and Lily Allen, and breaking out the low-rise jeans. (Zendaya even wore a Versace dress to the BET Awards that Beyoncé once wore

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