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Model Viktoria Kay’s bold fashion sense catches the eyes of many

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Viktoria Kay is very well-known throughout the world of fitness, fashion and beauty. With her stunning physique, she grabs the attention from anyone who lays eyes on her. Born in Budapest, Hungary and raised in Germany, Viktoria now lives in Los Angeles, California. She is continuously staying active on many social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. With her warm personality and distinctive style, Viktoria has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. With her consistent content, she has proven her fashion sense to the world. Furthermore, she monetizes her channels through try on hauls, product reviews, and more.

Viktoria Kay continuously leaves her followers stunned with each post that showcases her love for fashion, beauty, and fitness. If you were to take one look at any of her social platforms, she will leave you in awe. However, she is more than just

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Newspaper says biggest fashion trend for men in 2022 will be dressing like a child

The biggest trend in men’s fashion this year will be dressing like a child, The Wall Street Journal has declared.


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Men’s fashion editor, Jacob Gallagher, says in 2022 we should be prepared to see more adventurous colours and accessories on men.

According to Gallagher, the trend has begun to emerge in recent years with celebrities like Pete Davidson and Justin Bieber wearing beaded charm necklaces, the popularity of tie-dye and bright colours.

Fashion has been a hot topic particularly as new trends emerge. Last year a TikTok that hilariously slated 2000s fashion went viral and Lil Nas X caused controversy by releasing trainers with human blood inside them.

Walmart Workers shot prices scanners in viral tiktok, sparking debate



This year we’re apparently going to be seeing a lot more people dressing like tweenagers, as the trend – dubbed “kidcore” –

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Katy Perry drinks beverage poured from her beer can bra during Las Vegas residency

Katy Perry drinks beer out of beer can bra during Las Vegas residency  (TikTok @katyperryflowers / Instagram @mind.perry)

Katy Perry drinks beer out of beer can bra during Las Vegas residency (TikTok @katyperryflowers / Instagram @mind.perry)

Katy Perry has shown off her unique fashion sense during the debut performance of her Las Vegas residency, where she performed in a beer can bra that dispensed beer.

On Wednesday, the pop star performed the first show of her residency at the Resorts World Theatre, where she appeared on stage in multiple extravagant outfits.

However, despite performing alongside a number of over-the-top stage props, including a giant surgical face mask and an oversized orange toilet, it was Perry’s silver dress that has garnered the most attention – as it also included a refreshment for the singer.

The dress, which was made up of hundreds of metal can tabs, featured multiple crumpled beer cans, while the bra consisted of two smashed aluminum cans.

The metal accessories weren’t just for show,

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K.NGSLEY Fashion Designer, Kingsley Gbadegesin, on Getting Started

  • K.NGSLEY is a genderless fashion label launched by Kingsley Gbadegesin.
  • A year after its launch, it’s snapped up celebrity clients and a Teen Vogue cover. 
  • This is part of Insider’s entrepreneur series Star, Rising, which highlights early entrepreneurs.

Name: Kingsley Gbadegesin

Age: 28

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Business: A genderless clothing line that celebrates Black, queer, femme bodies.

Backstory: Despite his decade of fashion experience, Kingsley Gbadegesin found himself filing for unemployment last year as creative jobs began to dry up. Meanwhile, the pandemic was ravaging communities, and Black Lives Matter protests were sweeping the nation.

Gbadegesin decided to take his fashion experience, his leftover money, and new free time to launch a clothing line that highlights and caters to the Black and LGBTQ communities. 

Three people sit modeling sweaters

Product imagery of KINGSLEY

Kingsley Gbadegesin

So, in September 2020, he launched the K.NGSLEY fashion label, becoming one of more

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