Carroll’s Men’s Shop dressing the public since 1947

Carroll’s Men’s Shop opened in 1947 and was bought by Steve and Nancy Murray in

  • Carroll’s Men’s Shop opened in 1947 and was bought by Steve and Nancy Murray in 1984. Steve started working there in 1967.
  • Spring is a busy time with tuxedo rentals for weddings and proms. They also do varsity jackets.
  • Murray is encouraged by the revitalization he’s seen of Main Street over the past few years, including remodeling to the building he’s in.
  • Over the years, Murray has seen the focus of the store and fashion change from formal wear to causal clothes.

COSHOCTON – Steve Murray of Carroll’s Men’s Shop can easily size up a customer when they walk in the door. After 54 years in the men’s clothing business a tape measure just confirms what he already knows. 

The store at 541 Main St. dates back to 1947 and a little further down the road. Murray has a picture in the back showing where the shop used to be located and a bustling Main Street with three lanes of traffic. It moved to its current spot in 1970.

Main Street doesn’t look like that anymore, but he’s excited by the changes he’s seen in the last few years.

The store is located in the McDowell Building, which also has Shrimplin’s Barber Shop and the Renaissance on Main. Amy and Kirby Hasseman have done a lot of renovations to the upstairs since buying the building. Murray has taken note of other updates going on around him and stores opening, such as Rust Decor just around the corner.

Carroll's Men Shop on Main Street first opened in 1947 and has been in its current spot since 1970.

Styles have also changed over time.

When Murray started working for the store in 1967 it was all suits, formal hats and top coats. Now it’s more casual wear. He misses the good old days, but can roll with the alterations. 

“We used to carry about 400 suits and sports coats, but we sold a lot of suits and sports coats. And if you sold suits and sports coats, you sold top coats, which we don’t even do outerwear anymore. We sold a lot of dress hats back in those days, but that day has kind of gone by the wayside,” Murray said.