Bringing Men’s Fashion to New Heights

There are plenty of height-altering shoes available for women including high heels, wedges, platforms, and more. However, the options for men are not as prominent. That’s where elevator shoes come in. If you’re wondering what elevator shoes are and how they work, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to uncover everything you need to know about how elevator shoes are bringing men’s fashion to new heights.

What are Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are shoes for men that add an inch or two to their height. Using a taller heel insert, they add a few extra inches to your height which makes you look and feel taller. This height-increasing insole can be removable or permanent inside the shoe.

Benefits of Elevator Shoes

Appear taller

One of the primary benefits of elevator shoes is that they make you look and feel taller. Increasing the height of the wearer is what these incredible shoes were made for. Regardless of what your reasons are for wanting to appear taller, elevator shoes are a great solution. You can find suitable elevator shoes that offer anything from a few centimeters or several inches of height difference. Elevator shoes are a versatile option for men of all different heights who are looking to appear taller.

Improve Posture

Aside from making you stand taller, the wedged insole that lies within the elevator shoe can help to improve your posture. This is because the wedges are made with thick layers of padded material that is designed for comfort and support. For these reasons, elevator shoes are comfortable and can improve your posture significantly. While many of us spend hours per day hunched over our computers or keyboards, finding a shoe that can help to correct our postures can be incredibly beneficial, regardless of your natural height.

Relieve Back Pain

In addition to improving your posture, elevator shoes can actually relieve back pain. With daily wear, your elevator shoes will help to realign your spine and begin to soothe your chronic back pain. In fact, some men have even replaced other remedies for back pain with the daily wear of elevator shoes. Everyone suffers from back pain from time to time that’s why it’s important to have a solution conveniently available.

Slimming Effect

Elevator shoes will elongate your frame and make your legs appear longer and more proportionate. This can give you a slimming effect throughout your legs and midsection. The results that you experience will be subtle, yet effective, especially if you carry a few extra pounds around the middle.

Increased Confidence

Elevator shoes will allow you to tower over your usual domain. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to add a few inches to their height. Generally, people who are taller are treated with more respect which in turn affects your confidence levels. Wearing shoes that make you appear taller can make you feel like a king. In fact, kings sported height-altering shoes quite regularly throughout the Middle Ages and plenty of celebrities and socialites can be seen wearing them today.

Are Elevator Shoes Noticeable?

Although their benefits are substantial, elevator shoes can be quite imperceptible. With a hidden, height-increasing insole that is strategically placed on the inside of the shoe, elevator shoes are able to add height while looking exactly as a normal shoe does. Some styles are a bit more noticeable than others, however. For instance, because there is less room for the foot with the addition of the insole, low-cut shoes might be slightly more noticeable than shoes with more ankle coverage. For the most part, people won’t be able to notice that you are wearing elevator shoes unless you tell them that you are. There are plenty of styles to choose from including dress shoes, sneakers, loafers, or boots. 

Are Elevator Shoes Comfortable?

I won’t sugar coat this, elevator shoes can be uncomfortable at first. They force you to stand and walk in a way that is slightly different than what you are used to. This might be a bit strange at first, but you will get used to it. They are made with a slight wedge in the heel, so they will give you an extra calf workout throughout the day. Although elevator shoes might feel strange and uncomfortable, the confidence boost that they will give you can make up for the primary discomfort in your feet and calves. They might require some time and practice with walking in them to feel natural, but once they do, you will feel more confident and you will find that your elevator shoes are more comfortable.

What to Look for in An Elevator Shoe

Not every elevator shoe is right for everyone. To make sure that you remain comfortable, stylish, and confident in your new shoes, there are some important factors to consider.

While you are shopping for the perfect pair of elevator shoes, comfort is one of the most important things to look for. If your elevator shoes are uncomfortable, they are not the right pair for you. The best pair of elevator shoes will be comfortable and supportive of your feet and back.

While shopping for elevator shoes, you will want to find a pair that you can see yourself wearing often. To get the most wear out of your elevator shoes, make sure that you are selecting a shoe that aligns with your personal style. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to style. After all, the outfits we choose are a creative expression of who we are as people. 

To get the most bang for your buck when purchasing elevator shoes, it’s important to find a pair that is made of high-quality material. Oftentimes, high-quality material is also softer and more comfortable than cheaper, low-quality materials. It will also be more durable and make your shoes last longer, allowing for more wear time.