Breathing New Life into Your Next Social Drinking Session


Drinking with your friends might be the way that you like to celebrate meeting up whenever you do. If you live nearby, it’s a way to unwind on the weekend and blow off some steam, and if you live further away from each other, it might seem like a good way to celebrate your reunion. However, as with anything, repetition can take away some of the novelty, and you might start thinking about what you can do to make it feel fresh again.

Fortunately, there are many ways to do so, and this process might simply boil down to recognizing which direction you and your friends would find most fun to explore.

The Alcohol in Question

Any given event that focuses on drinking has several different factors for you to examine, and that might be how you get a good idea of which element to mix up. First off, you have the alcohol itself. Simply changing the drink might not be enough to overhaul the entire experience, especially if trying different beverages is something that you strive to do anyway, but it’s still an option. Instead, you might consider getting truly creative with it, exposing yourself to different sources of alcohol that can offer a wider array of options than you’re used to.

In fact, if these occasions are the events that see you and your friends reconvening after long periods of time, outlets such as can provide options such as engraved bottles that can truly help to elevate this event to something special.

The Setting

Next, you might examine the setting in which you’re all drinking and think about making some changes. For example, you might be a group that typically enjoys sitting in a home setting and enjoying each other’s company while you drink. While this might be what suits you perfectly, you might eventually run out of stimulus to fuel the night and could end up feeling as though you’re drinking for the sake of it.

If this is the case, you might consider mixing it up and going out to bars or pubs, or perhaps if you’re truly dedicated to the original formula, taking yourselves to the beach or an Airbnb that can help to add some freshness to the activity. Of course, this goes both ways, and regular bar-goers might find some value in the home setting.

The Group

The thought of mixing up the group that you normally drink with might sound somewhat heretical, but this isn’t necessarily a suggestion to exclude anyone who is currently a part of it. Instead, you might turn your attention outward and invite people who each member gets on with in an attempt to breathe some fresh air into these gatherings. A larger group can help to make something like this feel like more of an event, and having an excuse to do so, such as Halloween, can be a perfect opportunity to test it out. New group members could also bring fresh ideas, such as new drinking games or new music that helps to expand your horizons in some regard.

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