Black Tape Project swimsuit show in Miami Beach

He’s back at it.

The King of Tape again made sure his Miami Swim Week show, powered by Art Hearts Fashion, was one that stuck with you long after you went home.

Pun intended? Sure.

Local designer Joel Alvarez was the talk of last year’s annual celebration of all things skimpy and he sure didn’t disappoint Saturday night.

The former fashion photographer was at the Art Hearts Fashion show at Faena Forum in Miami Beach, sending models down the runway in “swimsuits” made of just tape.

Yes, you read that right.

Before you write a strongly worded letter to the editor, know that no model was harmed in the making of this production.

Alvarez uses a special kind of adhesive that is made especially for skin and does not leave any residue nor cause pain when removed. But the process does take patience.

One of Saturday night’s catwalkers, Chanel Rivera, explained what went down to her Instagram followers.

Though it took 12 hours to get into her black sticky outfit for just 30 seconds of walking, there were no regrets.

“It is an honor to be wearing your art,” Rivera wrote, along with a video of the action.

Fellow participant Stephanie Dana shared why it was her dream to strut in her birthday suit with just a few stylish appliques.

The Georgia born influencer wrote that she at first didn’t think she would be confident enough to bare all, but decided to slip into Alvarez’s DMs with an audition reel last year after dealing with a rough time in her life. He finally bit.

Rocking the tape has changed her life, opening up doors for other jobs all over the world, Dana said in the post.

“Because of my DMs and my persistence my life and career is so different in just one year. You have to go after your dreams with everything you have.”

This story was originally published July 18, 2022 10:19 AM.

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