Bakuchiol vs Retinol: Which One is best for your skin type?


There’s no greater feeling for a skincare enthusiast than to find a clean alternative to a trendy ingredient. Retinol is a rare ingredient that works amazingly to fight signs of aging. As an active anti-aging agent retinol has been unrivaled for a long time. However, recently, another ingredient called bakuchiol is also becoming extremely popular for its anti-aging properties.

Bakuchiol was first discovered in the 1960s. It is an amazing compound that can be found in the “Bakuchi” plant. This is why its name is bakuchiol. In recent years, Bakuchiol has gained immense popularity as a clean and vegan alternative to Retinol. Another great thing is that retinol isn’t suitable for everyone while Bakuchiol doesn’t have that problem. In recent times, Bakuchiol vs Retinol has become a big debate in the skincare community. Today, we will decide which one is the superior ingredient.

Can Bakuchiol be Used By Everyone?

Here comes the good news for sensitive skin types. Bakuchiol is suitable for everyone, unlike retinol. Retinols and retinoids have become extremely popular in the last decade thanks to the many shocking “before and after” pictures on Instagram. Its tendency to boost collagen production took every skincare enthusiast by storm and people could stop raving about it.

As great as retinol is, it isn’t recommended for everyone. It either suits someone very well or it can cause an adverse reaction. Sensitive and sun-damaged skin should never use retinol. It has also been deemed too intense for women who are nursing or pregnant. Not just this, if you have experienced skin issues like eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis then using retinol can be risky for you.

Bakuchiol: The Wonder Alternative

Not only Bakuchiol is as effective as Retinol, but it is also a much safer choice. Here’s a list of all the amazing benefits of Bakuchiol:

Firming Agent

The first reason that retinol went viral was its firming abilities. People who couldn’t take benefit from it don’t think that they are missing out anymore because bakuchiol offers the same benefit. You can apply bakuchiol serum on your face and after 3 months the improved elasticity and firmness in your skin will be visible.

Anti-inflammatory Agent

This is perhaps the biggest reason why one should opt for Bakuchiol over Retinol. The latter-mentioned ingredient is commonly known to cause dryness and inflammation. This is why people with damaged skin are often advised to skip it. Bakuchiol is an anti-inflammatory agent, hence it can even soothe irritated skin. In addition to this, it also hydrates the skin which is why everyone can use it without any worries.

Anti-Aging Agent

Most people use retinol for its anti-aging benefits. It fights free radicals and doesn’t let the skin get dull. Bakuchiol also performs the same function and reduces stress on the skin.

Is Bakuchiol Safe To Use With Other Ingredients?

Yes, Bakuchiol can be used in any combination. It doesn’t irritate the skin which is why it provides powerful results when used with other ingredients. Bakuchiol works extremely well with the following products:

  • Vitamin C
  • Niacinamide
  • Kojic Acid
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Lactic Acid
  • CoQ10

To conclude the bakuchiol vs retinol debate, it can be said that Bakuchiol isn’t necessarily better than Retinol but it doesn’t have that many side effects. However, the research done on Retinol is far more and the potential of Bakuchiol is still being discovered.

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