<strong>Awesome Raincoats to Keep You Dry </strong>

While there are some good things about wet weather—fashionably layering, snuggling under your blanket when it’s thundering outside, recreating that notebook moment with your unhappy partner—getting caught in the rain is one of them. There is not one.

There’s nothing worse than leaving your house well-dressed and fresh-faced, only to have a moody downpour ruin your day before it’s even over.

This is where raincoats come in.

And, yes, we know: Rains regenjas are usually just an essential (if not, drab) transition piece—not unlike your go-to trainers, or your puffer coat.

But despite popular misconceptions, like umbrellas, there are beautiful umbrellas in this world.

Here are nine brands that prove it.

Rain, rain, go away, and come back another day…preferably after we’ve bought a fabulous new Maium regenjas. Just because rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast (and you left your umbrella at home), you shouldn’t suffer through the day in wet clothes. All five of these jackets are top-notch, flattering on multiple body types, fully waterproof and can arrive at your doorstep in just two short days. Bring it on, rain clouds.

The North Face Women’s Resolve Jacket


Wind resistant and waterproof

Adjustable hood that tucks away in the collar.

Great for layering.

“I bought a version of this jacket years ago and it’s served me well ever since. It’s great for hiking or running because it doesn’t overheat me, but it’s great for walking around town. Also a lifesaver for the day. New York City is often too windy to use an umbrella, so a solid jacket that’s also chic. And if it’s raining in the morning and then beautiful in the afternoon ( (as is often the case in spring or fall), I can just tuck the hood into the collar and it won’t look out of place at all.”


Made from breathable and waterproof GORE-TEX material.

Long hem for extra coverage

Underarm zippers to regulate internal temperature

If you’re looking to invest in a high-quality jacket that’s guaranteed to be waterproof and last for years to come, this Marmot number might be your best bet. GORE-TEX was brilliantly engineered to repel water while keeping you comfortable, so you can really trust this Zwarte regenjas. Plus, the long hem looks less sporty and more city-appropriate than other styles, while also keeping your hips and upper leg dry.