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Shop The Second Wales Bonner Adidas Collection That Arrives Today

The much-anticipated return of the Wales Bonner and Adidas Originals partnership is here.

After the first collaboration, released last fall, all but sold out, many have their sights set on scooping something up from this next collection. Entitled “Essence,” the second collaboration was first teased at Paris men’s fashion week in September 2020—when Adidas pieces were seamlessly interwoven into the Wales Bonner’s spring 2021 collection.

On joining forces with Adidas, designer Grace Wales Bonner explains that the uncertainty brought on by the global health crisis allowed her time for “reflection and working on what feels most essential for the business,” she says. “Designing this collection has been about refining, to the purest elements, the Wales Bonner world and wardrobe.”

Known for her thoughtful approach and craftsmanship, Bonner has consistently illustrated how fashion can communicate complex ideas. “An essential point to my practice is research. I see that as the foundation

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Covid Economy Outlook: BOE Sees U.K. Boost From Home Working and Online Shopping

U.K. Domestic Space Re-tooled By Rising Work-From-Home Edicts

Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Online shopping and working from home may give a much-needed jolt to the U.K. economy, boosting productivity that has for decades been stagnant, a Bank of England policy maker said.

Michael Saunders, who sits on the central bank’s rate-setting panel, said the silver lining coming from the pandemic may be in prodding Britain to adopt technologies that will help boost growth. That suggests more room for the economy to expand before inflation becomes a threat.

U.K. has been blighted for years by weakest productivity since the Industrial Revolution, trailing most of the world’s advanced economies and contributing to depressed wages. That held back the economy long before coronavirus struck and left policy makers searching for solutions.

“While this shift to persistently higher remote working may create challenges in how firms enable collaborative working, in my view it also may have positive effects on the

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From Colours to Cuts, These Are the Hair Trends That Matter Most This Spring

Working with a brilliant team of fashion editors who have their fingers on the pulse means that, luckily for me, I’ve had the low-down on the spring/summer fashion trends for 2021 for quite a while now. The world of beauty, however, can be a little trickier to predict. We’ve already delved into the brilliant beauty products that shaped 2020, but the growing popularity of platforms like TikTok means that trending beauty often changes overnight. Combine that with the uncertainty around the opening and closing of beauty salons, and it’s becoming increasingly tricky to forecast which beauty treatments and trends look set to take off in 2021.

However, after enjoying just one haircut during the whole of 2020, I was feeling frankly desperate for a little hairstyle inspiration, so I decided it was time to ask some of my favourite hair experts to take a peek into their crystal balls.

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See How Valentino’s Spring 2021 Crochet Sneakers Are Made With Its New Mastery Tales Series


The Likebait Handbags Hiding In Plain Sight On Amazon

There’s a certain type of handbag — sculptural and lust-worthy in its design, sometimes impractical in its size, and, shall we say, “directional” in its fabrication — that is now commonly associated with an “influential” type of gal. Whether appearing on our social media feeds or in front of our faces at various fashion weeks, this functional objet is usually dangling from the arm of an individual whose moodboard-worthy outfits have us hitting the “save” button. Even if we don’t use Instagram as a side hustle or a daily personal style feed, we still love to cap our own outfits off with one of these eye-catching purses, especially when hitting the town come summertime.Now, with warmer weather and a slightly safer outdoors on the horizon, we’re in search of some new arm candy — and surprisingly, we found the motherlode

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