Keisha P. Crabtree

Clemson Basketball on Verge of Wasting Impressive Start to Season

Sometimes, it’s not that you lose. It’s how you lose.

Clemson men’s basketball is doing both in an alarming fashion and it’s raised many questions after an incredibly promising start. Last Saturday’s 35-point loss to No. 13 Virginia was supposed to be because of an 11-day layoff due to COVID-19 protocols within the Tiger program. 

After two games were postponed and momentum from a four-game winning streak was halted, Clemson has yet to look anything like the team that started the season 9-1 with seven wins over Power 5 teams. 

The latest game, an 83-65 loss to Georgia Tech on Wednesday, is actually a bigger head-scratcher than when the Cavs played their best game of the year. After all, UVA was ranked and still undefeated in ACC play. 

The Yellow Jackets, meanwhile, had not played a game in 17 days because of COVID-19 protocols. They had only competed once

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In Paris, Fashion Is Ready for Reinvention | BoF Professional, Opinion

Fashion is alive and kicking. Sales may still be struggling, especially in Europe, but the regenerative powers of fashion were on display at the Paris men’s fashion week which closed on Sunday. Despite being digital, it was an energising season — uplifting, in particular, because designers were not stuck in the mud of pandemic thinking, pandemic dressing. On the contrary, they took aim at the status quo and went boom. Save for a few decadent and melancholic outings, Paris skilfully ditched the dress-for-home mindset. No pyjamas, no robes as outerwear. The offerings, instead, were about fashion with a capital F, bold and unapologetic.

“Saying we will all be on the sofa six months from now would be a massive defeat — and honestly quite a bad, lazy idea,” said Jonathan Anderson at the beginning of the week, reflecting on the fashion-as-fun message — complete with primitive, Flintstones-hued furs and

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Rick Owens Takes On Fashion’s Last Taboo: Male Aggression

Surely you’ve seen that meme circulating right now—the one that goes, “Men would rather [do some absurdly difficult task] than go to therapy.” Men would rather start a band, get impeached, become the greatest golfer of all time, spend ten years coming home from the Trojan War…than go to therapy. It’s a gallows-humor twist on a horrifying reality: male aggression, especially white men’s suppressed anger, is at the center of so many of the world’s problems right now.

Men’s fashion, meanwhile, is in a golden period. But designers only glancingly acknowledge that their customer base is in the midst of an identity crisis. Shayne Oliver was maybe the closest to touch on it, with his macho BDSM vibe at Hood By Air, and Demna Gvasalia always hits it in Balenciaga’s biannual fright fests of global domination. But other than these oblique overtures, designers have mostly ignored the monster festering in

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Men’s Fashion Trends 2021: 11 Big Menswear Moves to Try Right Now

If you landed here after curiously googling “men’s fashion trends 2021,” we have an admission to make: it’s a weird time to be trend forecasting! Between the plodding pace of the vaccine rollout and the late January chill that’s set in, there still aren’t a whole lot of public forums for getting fits off, which makes it tricky to assess what people are actually wearing right now or what—if any—true-blue trends are forming and blossoming organically. So today, instead of any real era-defining capital-M Menswear Trends, we’re blessing you with an oddball assortment of things we’re really feeling at the moment. New stuff we want to wear, old stuff we’ve been wearing forever, weird stuff that brings us joy. It’s a lot less surefooted and cohesive than the list of men’s fashion trends we gave you last year, which makes sense: this is a much less surefooted and cohesive

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