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The Best Natural-Hair Accessories 2021 | The Strategist

Illustration: Jordan Moss; Photos: Retailers

Whether they’re functional, ornamental, or a bit of both, hair accessories are an easy and expressive way to celebrate natural hair. “Hair accessories are an extension of my hairstyle and fashion sense,” says Ciara Costenoble, a Paris-based hairstylist who’s worked with Mary J. Blige, Kelela, Taraji P. Henson, and Solange, among others. “I grew up seeing women in my community and family adorn their hair with accessories and as a child, I loved when my aunt would add beads and bows in my hair.” We spoke to five enthusiasts and hair professionals about their favorite accessories for natural hair, and why they’re obsessed.

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Deshaun Watson faces new lawsuit; one withdraws and 20 add names to their cases

Another woman filed a civil lawsuit Wednesday against Deshaun Watson, adding to a flurry of developments this week in the escalating legal battle over whether the NFL quarterback engaged in sexual misconduct during therapy sessions.

Since Tuesday:

►Twenty of the 22 previous plaintiffs who filed suit against Watson have attached their names to their sexual misconduct allegations against him. All previously filed suit under the pseudonym Jane Doe.

►One of the 22 women withdrew her case against the Houston Texans quarterback “for now,” citing privacy and security concerns. That woman stated she “reserves the right to refile this case once such concerns are addressed,” according to court documents filed in her case. She is the only one to have withdrawn, with the other remaining Jane Doe expected to attach her name to her lawsuit this week.

►Then on Wednesday, a new plaintiff became the 23rd woman to file a lawsuit

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Guide You Need to Know Before Buying Luxury Watches

Watches are one of the essential accessories for men. Since men have to carry something with them at all times, it becomes necessary to choose a watch that can keep up with their activities. A watch is an ordinary portable device meant to be worn or carried by an individual. ダニエルウェリントン新作腕時計 is specially designed to maintain a correct and reliable motion even despite the person’s constant movements.

Watch Materials

The most common material for a watch is silver, stainless steel, or gold. Watches are also available in different shapes, designs, and styles as per the preferences of the people. The two most important factors that are taken into consideration while choosing a watch are the functionality and the price. A functional watch will display the time without difficulty at all despite all the repeated movements by the individual.

Designer Watch

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The Resurgence of Y2K Fashion: The 2000s Fashion Are Back in Style, Here’s How and Why

Photo: 2000s Fashion/Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

Fashion is cyclical, it’s a fact. There are hardly ever completely brand-new trends that surface in this exclusive world of high-powered designers. So it’s no surprise that with the dawn of a new decade, fashion trends from previous years have come back into vogue. Though we spent years ridiculing the dress-over-jeans look that frequented the red carpet during the 2000s, these early years are making a big comeback. However, as the years progress, so does our society and the ways in which trends spread.

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Celebrities: The Trendsetters of the 2000s

For starters, many popular fashion trends in the 2000s were proliferated by celebrities

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