American men are ready for MULLETS to make an official comeback

AMERICAN men are ready for mullets to make an official comeback, according to new research.

A recent survey found that 20 percent of men in the US said they would pick the mullet to come back into fashion out of the popular hairstyles from bygone decades.

American men want the mullet to make a comeback


American men want the mullet to make a comebackCredit: Getty

It was followed by 15 percent hoping for the return of “curtain bangs” and 10 percent who want the 2010s undercut to come back.

Yet even those polled admit that the infamous bi-level look isn’t for everyone.

In a ranking of various hair trends, respondents found undercuts, curtain bangs, and the ‘00s “shag” haircut to be more universally flattering hairdos.

Even though 39 percent of men have dabbled in adding highlights to their hair — making it the most popular color technique among those polled — it was also the least-liked hair trend of the entire survey.

US men decided the mullet is the best out of previously popular hairstyles (David Bowie pictured)


US men decided the mullet is the best out of previously popular hairstyles (David Bowie pictured)Credit: Getty

It ranked just under the infamous ”frosted tips” look.

It’s not surprising that men have tried out some fads they ended up hating later.

More than half—55 percent—admitted they want to change up their look but are afraid to try something new.

Another 47 percent don’t know what hairstyles would look good on them.

However, of the two-thirds of men who’ve experimented with a hair trend they were later embarrassed by, only a third say they regretted it afterward.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Sport Clips Haircuts, the survey of 2,000 men revealed that they are experiencing a lot of similarly intense emotions about their post-pandemic haircut.

Zendaya has been among the celebs to previously jump on the mullet trend


Zendaya has been among the celebs to previously jump on the mullet trendCredit: Getty
Miley Cyrus has recently rocked a mullet


Miley Cyrus has recently rocked a mulletCredit: Getty

Not surprisingly, “relief” topped the list for 36 percent of men, while 32 percent also described themselves as “excited.”

During the shutdowns and social distancing measures of the COVID-19 pandemic, 75 percent of men chose to forgo professional hair maintenance.

One in four men instead tried cutting their hair — although 55 percent don’t think they do a good job at self-cuts.

Another 27 percent enlisted the help of a friend or family member.

And 23 percent of men simply let their hair grow out, which may be why long-haired heartthrobs like Aquaman star Jason Momoa and singing sensation Harry Styles dominated the survey’s list of biggest celebrity hair inspirations.

“While we’re seeing a lot of longer hairstyles in our stores, the truth is that styling men’s hair, no matter the length, can be more complicated than it may seem,” said Stacia Kelley, Sport Clips’ artistic director and stylist.

“Longer hair still requires regular trims, shaping and home maintenance with high-quality products, such as conditioners to avoid breakage or light-hold texture creams that can give the hair some weight and tact.”

“Ultimately, communication with your stylist is key,” Kelley added.

“And if you’re growing your hair out, remember that it’s a marathon and not a sprint!”

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